You could be forgiven for feeling disoriented when you step into this tiny shop: it does not look like West Texas! A refrigerated case displays logs of salami and mortadella as well as such unusual (for here) comestibles as caprese salad, truffle-laced cheese, and marinated olives. Flatbreads feature ingredients like figs, prosciutto, and arugula, while sandwiches are hefty with fresh, soft bread layered with thin slices of cured meats and cheeses such as provolone and burrata. Brunch (cinnamon-raisin French toast, ricotta-and-heirloom-tomato galette) is served all day on Saturday (best eaten on the patio), cannoli are prepared in-house, and premade lasagnas (beef, cheese, spinach) are available to take and bake. Enter through Far West Texas Cattle Co.