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O Little Town

Dec 1, 2004 By Texas Monthly

Though the beloved “mare” of Luckenbach was replaced with a more formal “manager of oversight” three years ago, the town where everybody is somebody still draws many for its annual Cowboy Holiday Ball. Now, we warn you: Nobody here dons green and red (dressy Western is the style of…

The Caves Are Alive

Dec 1, 2004 By Texas Monthly

Before yet another rendition of “Frosty the Snowman” threatens to push you over the edge this year, take preemptive action and embrace the season’s classics. On the first three Friday and Saturday nights in December, Natural Bridge Caverns, outside New Braunfels, presents Caroling in the Caverns, a 75-minute tour…

Michael Martin Murphey

Dec 1, 2004 By Texas Monthly

The “Wildfire” singer-songwriter will be playing in Austin, Fort Worth, Waco, Wichita Falls, and five other cities in Texas on his 2004 Cowboy Christmas tour. How would you define a “cowboy Christmas”? It’s a Western-style event that shows the country connection—and I’m not talking about country music, but about…


Dec 1, 2004 By Texas Monthly

The sparkling Old Harrison County Courthouse may be the crown jewel in Marshall’s Wonderland of Lights, but it’s certainly not the whole tiara. Almost everybody in town gets into this festival, festooning homes and businesses with more than 10 million tiny bulbs (much to the delight of the electric company,…

Goldie Hawn

Nov 1, 2004 By Texas Monthly

The actress will be speaking at the Verizon Wireless Theater, in Houston, on November 11. When did you meet Kurt Russell? 1983. Why didn’t you two get married? We had no need to get married. We just loved…


Nov 1, 2004 By Texas Monthly

Somewhere east of downtown Fort Worth lies the Bethlehem of free jazz. That’s where the innovative, avant-garde sax player Ornette Coleman grew up, in a modest little house near I. M. Terrell High School, which produced jazz greats Charles Moffett, John Carter, King Curtis, Prince Lasha, and Dewey Redman.

Kingdom Come

Nov 1, 2004 By Texas Monthly

Back in the eighteenth century, when Emperor Qianlong reigned over a prosperous China, plebeians weren’t allowed anywhere near the palatial quarters of the ruling body. The lavish buildings—9,999 in total—where the emperor lived and governed weren’t collectively called the Forbidden City for naught. Off-limits to the commoner were luxurious…

The Bold and the Beautiful

Nov 1, 2004 By Texas Monthly

The Spanish Colonial Revival–style mansion in San Antonio known as the McNay Art Museum is a real piece of work—literally. With its manicured lawns, Japanese-inspired fishpond, colorful tiles, and stenciled ceilings—many of which were designed by the mansion’s original owner, art collector and heiress Jessie Marion Koogler McNay—this…

Motherwell Knows Best

Nov 1, 2004 By Texas Monthly

If Robert Motherwell’s father had had his way, his son would never have pursued a profession as financially unreliable as painting. But sometimes nothing—not even a father’s will—can deter a child from what he wants to do. Motherwell, whose circle of artistic brethren grew to include Jackson Pollock, Willem…


Sep 30, 2003 By Katy Vine

BRIGHT WEITZ With his brother, Chris, 38-year-old Paul Weitz has co-directed or co-written such Hollywood blockbusters as American Pie, Antz, and About a Boy. The two will be panelists at the Austin Film Festival, which runs October 9-12. You have an extensive filmography for your age. Are you a workaholic…