Around the State


Mar 1, 2003 By Eileen Schwartz

POLITICAL PARTY Ready for a break from television news-talk shows? This month, instead of tuning in to Face the Nation, you can get out and listen face-to-face—without interruptions from the talking heads—to several distinguished public figures who will speak around the state on everything from the economy and the military…

Straight Talk

Mar 1, 2003 By Michael Hall

HIGH FIDELITY Daniel Lanois was born in Hull, Quebec, Canada, in 1951 to French-speaking and musical parents. In addition to being an acclaimed solo artist, he is one of the top record producers in the business, working on albums with U2, Peter Gabriel, Bob Dylan, and Willie Nelson, among others.

A Great Weekend

Mar 1, 2003 By Katy Vine

THREE-DAY PASS This month the “most promising weekend” award belongs to Dallas March 21 through 23. On Friday, stop by the sixteenth annual Dallas Video Festival, which, over the course of the weekend, will premiere playwright Octavio Solis’ Prospect Avenue, showcase a juried compilation of short films and videos by…


Feb 1, 2003 By Chester Rosson

TRUE LIVES The museum building boom of the past few years has enriched Texas’ cities with many new entertainment and learning opportunities. Especially impressive are the museums devoted to the women who have had a hand in developing our state and country. Fort Worth’s National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of…

Straight Talk

Feb 1, 2003 By Evan Smith

PROUD MARY MARY MATALIN, until recently a counselor to Vice President Dick Cheney, and her husband, political commentator James Carville, will speak at the George Bush Presidential Library Center, in College Station, February 28. You’ve now worked in the administrations of two presidents with wives who are Texas women.


Feb 1, 2003 By Eileen Schwartz

VOICES OF CHANGE Two of the state’s women’s rights pioneers—Dallas attorney Louise B. Raggio, known as the “mother of family law in Texas,” and Vivian Castleberry, the first woman to serve on the editorial board of the Dallas Times Herald, will be among the featured guests at Southern Methodist University’s…


Feb 1, 2003 By Katy Vine

LADIES ONLY Recently, Ruby Nelda Perez, a locally popular San Antonio performance artist, tried to describe Rosita, the Latina restaurant owner who is the sole character in Perez’s one-woman show, Doña Rosita’s Jalapeño Kitchen. “I think she’s a combination of women I’d like to be, women I am, women I…


Jan 1, 2003 By Chester Rosson

O SUSAN! The Houston Grand Opera is throwing a party this month for Texas-raised diva Susan Graham, celebrating her triumphant Houston (and world) debut as the hero in the HGO’s staging of the Handelian melodrama Ariodante in November. Where’s the shindig? Why, in the second act of Lehár’s Merry Widow.

Straight Talk

Jan 1, 2003 By Evan Smith

THE CABLE GUY Conservative political columnist Robert Novak, the co-host of CNN’s Crossfire, will speak at the University of Texas at Tyler’s R. Don Cowan Fine and Performing Arts Center on January 30. You’ve cultivated this image of yourself as tough, even mean, but everyone I know in Washington says…

Round Up

Jan 1, 2003 By Eileen Schwartz

“YOU A REAL COWBOY?” Debra Winger asked that question of John Travolta more than twenty years ago in the film Urban Cowboy. Today, with a couple more decades of urban sprawl under our big, shiny belt buckles, it’s even harder to find one. But this month, if you look for…