Business |
January 20, 2013

Heir Jordan

Among all athletes with endorsements, Michael Jordan is still king. But Sheryl Swoopes of the Houston Comets is scoring in her own way—and she's having a ball.

How I Made It |
January 20, 2013

Nicole Miller

It’s funny because I was talking to Ralph Lauren once and he said, “Oh, this is a really painful business.” And I thought, “Well, if Ralph Lauren can say that, what’s it like for everybody else?” You need a lot of determination, and you need to stick to your goals.

Tech Texas |
February 1, 2001

Web Gumshoes

The state attorney general's office takes a bite out of cybercrime.

How I Made It |
August 31, 2000

Gerald Hines

I’m motivated by the excitement of constructing an outstanding quality building. I enjoy building, and I think the main thing is that you want to go into something that you really enjoy, that you can’t wait to get up in the morning to do. Then you will be successful. It

How I Made It |
June 30, 2000

Gordon Bethune

I was in the Navy, and by default, I got promoted to petty officer second class. I supervised the second shift, which worked from seven at night to seven in the morning. We were airplane mechanics, but I was in charge. I had to get these other eight guys to

How I Made It |
May 31, 2000

Katherine Hammer

I didn’t really get academia. I liked teaching, but I wasn’t a good scholar. I like to connect a lot of different things and drive a strategy, and that’s not what most scholarship is about. Most scholarship is about having absolute depth in one or two areas and pushing

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