Records |
January 20, 2013

A Case of the Blues

If the Southland gave birth to the blues, Mack McCormick wants to know the time and place of the blessed event.

Letter From Amarillo |
January 20, 2013

Almost Famous

When Jacob Isom swiped a Quran from an angry evangelist, he figured a few of his friends would enjoy the prank. Two months and one million YouTube views later, his life may never be the same.

Music |
January 20, 2013

Voice of Amerykah

Whether or not Erykah Badu is the Billie Holiday of hip-hop, her uplifting songs and soulful singing are winning fans from coast to coast.

Lives + Times |
January 20, 2013

No Fuss

"It's still easy to walk around New York unrecognized. I'm kind of nerdy and not fashionable, so people don't give me a second look."…

Profile |
January 20, 2013

TV or Not TV?

He’s no Seinfeld. He’s not even Jeff Foxworthy. But Galveston native Bill Engvall is a successful stand-up comic, and one day, just maybe, he’ll get a sitcom of his own.

Lifestyle |
January 20, 2013

Mr. Malcontent

More Lenny Bruce than Jerry Seinfeld, Hicks wins fans by showing them his dark side.

The Culture |
January 20, 2013

Foxx, Whole

With feature-film roles, a chart-topping album, and a successful stand-up career, sitcom star Jamie Foxx is laughing all the way to the bank.

Mimi Swartz |
January 20, 2013

Meet the Parent

In the year since my mother died, I’ve learned a lot of things—like how to spend time with my dad.

Politics & Policy |
January 20, 2013

Oil and Water

The spill in the Gulf is just the latest in a string of catastrophic regulatory failures that prove how incompetent government is. And how important it is.

Texana |
January 20, 2013

Fave Combo

Let's hear it for beans and cornbread, the tastiest of plate-mates, a classic Southern supper—and a meal any fool can cook.

Business |
January 20, 2013

Understanding Dr Pepper

IN SPITE OF THE NEW expansion, it may be that Dr. Pepper still looks better coming from a 7-11 cooler than it does from behind a New York bar. When served at a recent private screening of a new film given by critic and gadabout Rex Reed, it was…

Texas History |
January 20, 2013

You Aren’t Here

The very spot where William Barrett Travis wrote his famous “victory or death” letter is a Ripley’s Haunted Adventures. And other ways gross commercialization has desecrated the Alamo’s sacred battleground site.

Energy |
January 20, 2013

Spills and Bills

The BP oil spill hit the small world of Houston’s oil and gas business hard. So now that the well is plugged, who’s up and who’s down?…

Politics |
January 20, 2013

Christmas Carole

When it's time for her to give the gift of a revenue estimate, Comptroller Rylander could be naughty or nice. Either way, the Legislature better watch out.

Sports |
January 20, 2013

The Joy of Sacks

Drew Brees's parents don't look forward to seeing him get thrown to the ground on national TV each week. But they sure do love having an NFL quarterback for a son.

First Person |
January 20, 2013

Staying Alive

For every one hundred people diagnosed with cancer of the tonsil, fewer than nine survive. I hope I’m one of them.

Books |
January 20, 2013

Expatriate Act

While some Texas-born writers had to leave home to do their best work, for John Graves the reverse was true.

Politics & Policy |
January 20, 2013

Gov Hunt

As the only man ever to run against both Bill White and Rick Perry, I have a few thoughts on how either one of these fine, upstanding, admirable men could beat the tar out of the other.

Health |
January 20, 2013

Cop Drama

How cuts to the budget of our mental health care system have created a nightmare for police officers in Houston—and everywhere else.

Faith |
January 20, 2013

Fathers and Sins

What happens to your belief in God when your son commits suicide after being molested by a priest? That's a question Nancy and Pat Lemberger have been struggling with for years.

Cities |
January 20, 2013

“There Is No Law”

Gangland-style executions are par for the course these days in Juárez, where drugs— and despair—flow freely.

Behind the Lines |
January 20, 2013

The Uncertain Sage

A cool, brilliantly blue day in early February found me driving north from Austin on a sort of pilgrimage. I was going to see John Graves, the writer and gentleman farmer, now 73 years old, at his place on four hundred acres of rocky blackland prairie near Glen Rose. My…

The Stand Up Desk |
January 20, 2013

Behind the Lines

TALK OF CHANGE AND REFORM has been in the air since the Sharpstown scandals more than perhaps at any time in our state’s history. Such talk is welcome, and, as most of us apparently felt in the last elections, mandatory. One imagines that talk of reform came as uncomfortably, but…

Skip Hollandsworth |
January 20, 2013

Leave It To Bea

One woman’s unlikely crusade to help poor kids succeed—and what Texas can learn from her example.

Rick Bass |
January 20, 2013

Wild at Heart

My mother trained me to be a naturalist in our suburban backyard, one bird call at a time.

Patricia Kilday Hart |
January 20, 2013

Why Juan Can’t Read

In 2006 Texas schools still can’t teach English to Spanish-speaking students. Here’s what we should do about that—now.

Books |
January 20, 2013

Catcher in the Raw

Forty years after its publication, Horseman, Pass By is still one of Larry McMurtry's finest novels—and as groundbreaking as J. D. Salinger's masterpiece.

Health |
January 20, 2013

Against All Odds

When the doctor told me my third child had Down’s Syndrome, I knew that my life had changed forever.

Travel |
January 20, 2013

Sun Spot

For a laid-back coastal paradise that's reminiscent of the Greek Islands in the seventies, pack a bathing suit and head to Montezuma, Costa Rica. But be forewarned: Half of the adventure is getting there.