Payback’s a Glitch

Jul 10, 2014 By Rich Malley

The five members of the Dallas County Commissioners’ Court unanimously voted for a resolution commemorating Juneteenth without realizing that it also endorsed reparations for slavery. Aside from Commissioner John Wiley Price, who put forth the resolution, none of the other commissioners had bothered to find out what was in the…

Asylum Politics

Jul 10, 2014 By Sonia Smith

Why did dozens of Sikh detainees in a federal facility in El Paso go on hunger strike in April?

When It Comes to Conservation, They Go For Broke

Jun 10, 2014 By Rich Malley

The City of Austin Water Utility revealed that it is considering imposing a “drought fee” to help it make up for millions of dollars in lost revenue. The shortfall was caused, apparently, by customers’ heeding the utility’s demands to conserve water.

Also, Everyone Reading This Item Is Ordered to Forget It Forthwith

May 19, 2014 By Rich Malley

After League City attorney Calvin C. Jackson and the State Bar settled allegations that he had forged lawyers’ signatures in a civil case, Jackson decided that he wanted all references to the case removed from the Internet. To the surprise of many legal observers and pretty much anyone who has ever used a computer, San…

The Runoffs Rundown

May 13, 2014 By Jeff Salamon

Click to enlarge. Thanks to the domino effect of Rick Perry’s retirement, an unusual number of high-profile Republican politicians have been vying for statewide office this year. Add to that the intensity that the tea party insurgency has brought to ideological debates within the GOP, and…

Damn This Traffic Jam

Apr 23, 2014 By Jeff Salamon

Infographic illustration by Luke Shuman. Click to enlarge. When the INRIX company released its annual list of America’s most congested cities, the big news for Texans was that for the second year in a row, Austin was ranked the fourth-most-congested city in America—up from sixth…

The Checklist

Apr 11, 2014 By Jeff Salamon

What to hear, read, attend, and look at this month to achieve maximum Texas literacy.

Answering the Call

Apr 11, 2014 By Skip Hollandsworth

How did Robert Jeffress turn Dallas’s once-declining First Baptist Church into a vibrant megachurch? Certainly not by pussyfooting around.

Assuming No One Else Volunteers

Apr 11, 2014 By Rich Malley

Recounting a controversial episode from his five years as head of the UT System, outgoing chancellor Francisco Cigarroa said, “I always give my honest recommendation, because at the end of the day, I have to sleep with myself.”…

The Battle of Boca Chica

Apr 11, 2014 By Dan Oko

With support from the Legislature, SpaceX may soon be launching rockets from Texas’ southernmost beach. That doesn’t mean a few nature lovers aren’t still ready to fight.

Golden Girl

Mar 12, 2014 By Andy Langer

East Texas native Kacey Musgraves’s best-selling debut has made some Nashville establishment types pretty nervous. But she’s not sure what all the fuss is about.

The Checklist

Mar 12, 2014 By Jeff Salamon

What to hear, read, and watch this month to achieve maximum Texas cultural literacy.

The Texas Housing Boom

Mar 12, 2014 By Jeff Salamon

Infographic illustration by Luke Shuman. Click to enlarge. April may be the cruelest month, but not for the housing market, which always picks up this time of year, as families try to settle in to new homes before the fall semester. And this year’s real estate…

The Checklist

Feb 12, 2014 By Jeff Salamon

What to hear, read, and watch this month to achieve maximum Texas cultural literacy.