South by Southwest was officially cancelled on Friday, March 8, 2020—but this list of Texas-based musicians is still worth checking out. Headquartered in the Live Music Capital of the World, we know a thing or two about good music. From rock to pop, country to soul, this list has it all. Plug in your earphones and get a taste of the music below, or see these artists perform live at various shows across the Lone Star State.

American Werewolf Academy 

Song to sample: “It’s Just Blood”

Genre: Rock/Indie Rock

Being Dead

Song to sample: “Underworld”

Genre: Rock/Avant/Experimental

Upcoming show: Hotel Vegas | Austin, TX | March 20


Charlie Faye & The Fayettes

Song to sample: “I Don’t Need No Baby”

Genre: Pop/Soul

Upcoming show: Sunset Valley Art Fest | Austin, TX | April 25

David Ramirez

Song to sample: “Watching from a Distance”

Genre: Americana/Singer/Songwriter

Upcoming show: From the Hills With Love | Dripping Springs, TX | March 21


Song to sample: “Leaves”

Genre: Pop/Dream Pop

Upcoming show: Young Hearts Roadside Attraction at Stay Gold | Austin, TX | March 21


Song to sample: “H.D.C.”

Genre: Rock/Shoegaze

Upcoming show: Mohawk | Austin, TX | June 5


Song to sample: “Summer”

Genre: Rock/Alternative

Jeff Lofton

Song to sample: “You Blues You Lose”

Genre: Jazz/Instrumental

Upcoming show: Sunday Jazz Brunch at Juliet’s | Austin, TX | Every other Sunday

The Jones Family Singers

Song to sample: “Down on Me”

Genre: Gospel/Traditional

Kae Astra

Song to sample: “Medicate”

Genre: Pop/Synth Pop

Upcoming show: Hotel Vegas | Austin, TX | March 15

Luna Luna

Song to sample: “Commitment”

Genre: Pop/Indie Pop

Upcoming show: Cine El Rey | McAllen, TX | March 20


Song to sample: “Swoon:Stagger”

Genre: Rock/Alternative

Upcoming show: Deep Ellum Art Company | Dallas, TX | April 9

Pastel Ghost

Song to sample: “Clouds”

Genre: Synth Pop

Upcoming show: Excusions: Discover New Music at Elysium Austin| Austin, TX | March 20

Riders Against the Storm

Song to sample: “Mali”

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap/Dance

Upcoming show: Body Rock ATX | Austin, TX | April 1o


Song to sample: “Cumbéalo”

Genre: World/Cumbia

Upcoming show: Chicha Summit Dayparty Vol 3  at C-Boy’s Heart & Soul | Austin, TX | March 20

TC Superstar

Song to sample: “Into You”

Genre: Indie Pop/Dance

Upcoming show: Swan Dive | Austin, TX | April 18

Tomar and the FCs

Song to sample: “Foot Down”

Genre: Soul/Funk

Upcoming show: Lago Fest | Lago Vista , TX | May 16


Song to sample: “Cigarettes in the Rain”

Genre: Country/Alt-Country

Why Bonnie

Song to sample: “Gold Rush”

Genre: Rock/Indie Rock

Upcoming show: White Oak Music Hall | Houston , TX | April 16