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After the last present has been opened, after the last holiday feast is cleared away, and after the last choruses of “Auld Lang Syne” have rung, it’s time to make good on some resolutions. The New Year is always a time of reflection and renewal. The gym may be a madhouse in January, but the single most important variable in living well and feeling good is the food you put into your body. H-E-B brand products—made to Texas, with love—are just what you need to feel refreshed and renewed as you head into 2023.

H-E-B brand products are always created with the idea of bringing you the best food and home goods in mind, but these seven items will make your meals both better for you and more convenient for you to prepare. It’s never been easier to have a complete, nutritious meal in no time. Even better, many of these items are H-E-B Select Ingredients®—all the foods you love, without the ingredients you don’t.

H-E-B Fish Market Atlantic Salmon Burgers: Fiesta Jalapeno are packed with fresh Atlantic salmon, flavorful Pico de Gallo, jalapeños, and cheddar cheese. These burgers are also a breeze to make—bake them in just 20 minutes, grill them, or even air fry them. Delicious on a bun or in a salad, these burgers are made fresh in-store at the H-E-B fish market, making a gourmet-quality meal possible any night of the week.

Product photo of H-E-B's Atlantic Salmon burger.
Product photo of H-E-B Blendables The Starter Smoothie

H-E-B Select Ingredients® Blendables™: The Starter Smoothie is great for a fresh start—not just for a new year, but for every morning! Sometimes it can be hard to keep up with all the fruit ingredients needed for a smoothie. This Blendable Starter has just what you need to get a tasty smoothie started, with Select Ingredient strawberries, bananas, and grapes. Simply add water or any other of your favorite blender bases, and you’ll have a great smoothie going in no time!

H-E-B Meal Simple® Low Carb Lifestyle Meals are the answer when making a delicious meal after a busy day feels like a tall order. Don’t heed the drive-thru line’s siren song! These days you might be waiting in that drive-thru line longer than it would take to prepare an H-E-B Meal Simple® entree. For example, both the Spinach & Feta Stuffed Salmon with Zucchini, Spinach, & Tomatoes and the Chicken Breast in Bacon Alfredo Sauce with Garlic Parmesan Spaghetti Squash meals have less than 10 net carbs per serving. Have a great meal and feel good about it!

Product photo of two Meal Simple meals from H-E-B.
Product photo of H-E-B body lotion and essential oil.

Field & Future by H-E-B™ was developed for Texans interested in clean and green household, personal care, and baby products. By eliminating over 165 harsh chemicals and using recycled or recyclable content, biodegradable formulas, or plant-based ingredients across a portfolio of more than 100 products, Field & Future by H-E-B™ is a brand you can feel great about adding to your cart. Even better, the Field & Future line does good for the planet by partnering with the Texas Parks & Wildlife Foundation to help preserve Texas and our State Parks.

It’s easy to feel run down in the cold, dry air of a Texas January. With the holidays behind you, don’t forget to spend a little time rejuvenating your skin and spirit. Field & Future White Jasmine & Sea Salt Body Lotion will keep your skin hydrated and refreshed, and Field & Future Lavender Essential Oil will fill your space with a soothing scent (or choose from more than 20 other scents!). Available in select stores.

H-E-B Stride™ Strawberry Kiwi Recovery Drink might be just what you need on New Year’s morning! It’s delicious, low-calorie, and full of electrolytes—just what you need to rehydrate. Better yet, it’s a Select Ingredients product with no colors added. Feeling a little depleted from a great workout? Recovering from a nasty cold? This is just the drink to keep your New Years’ goals in stride!

H-E-B product photo of Stride strawberry recovery drink.
A bag of H-E-B Texas Roots oranges.

H-E-B Texas Roots® Oranges are one of the greatest treats of citrus season, making it easy to have a deliciously nutritious snack or a fresh glass of fruit juice. You won’t find fresher produce anywhere else, as H-E-B partners with local farmers in the Rio Grande Valley to bring you the best citrus Texas has to offer. While citrus is in season, pick up a bag of H-E-B Texas Roots® Grapefruit too—grapefruit is the official state fruit of Texas after all. Both fruits are selected for their sweetness and picked at peak perfection.

Mighty Crust by H-E-B® Pizza Varieties are proof that your New Year’s resolution to live well doesn’t mean you have to eat bland. This line of pizzas from the H-E-B masterminds includes Pepperoni, Margherita, Hatch Peppers & Pepperoni, Roasted Veggie, and Five Cheese. You might not believe it, but the thin crust is made from cauliflower, so there are veggies in every single delicious bite!

A product photo of H-E-B cauliflower crust pizza.

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