This article is part of a sponsored content series produced in partnership between Texas Monthly and H-E-B highlighting H-E-B brand products that are made to be Texas favorites.

H-E-B understands that Texas is a big state with a lot of big personalities—some of them all inside the same family. That’s why, when the Partners at H-E-B set out to plan their seasonal items, they’re thinking about products for all Texans. This may seem like a Texas-sized task, but this autumn they’ve really done the trick with these fall-inspired treats. To save you some time, we’ve charted out the perfect flavor of fall for any and every kind of Texan who might walk through your door for one of your fall family gatherings.

Photo by Cassandra Klepac

H-E-B Seasonal Dish Soap – Pecan Pumpkin and Autumn Leaves

We’ve all got that one relative who can’t enjoy the fantastic spread of food you’ve prepared without commenting on the water spots left on the silverware. I’m looking at you, Aunt Ana. Luckily, H-E-B has some seasonal dish soaps to keep Aunt Ana in a chill, fall mood as she washes those serving platters one more time before you set out the spread. Whether she prefers the smell of Autumn Leaves or Pecan Pumpkin, these pleasing fall scents will get the dishes up to Aunt Ana’s standards.

H-E-B LTO Chips – Apple Pie and Turkey Stuffing

Everyone loves chips, and the only thing more fun than snacking down on some salty snacks while you catch up with family and friends is trying out the latest out-of-the-bag flavors by the geniuses in the H-E-B kitchens. Apple pie and turkey stuffing are some of the most beloved dishes of the fall season, and these favorite flavors are even better on a chip. Put these snacks into bowls, hide the bags, and have the kids guess at the flavors to really turn up the fun.

Mi Tienda Pumpkin or Cinnamon Cream Cheese Tamales

Abuela Sofia takes great pride in making the tamales herself at Christmastime, but she couldn’t help but be intrigued when she saw these ready-to-eat, sweet twists on the old classic for sale. We’re sure you already love H-E-B’s Mi Tienda Tamales, but this new sweet treat takes pumpkin spice season to the next level. Made with freshly ground masa hand-rolled in authentic corn husks, these creamy treats will quickly become a new fall tradition in your household!

Creamy Creations Pumpkin Pie

Ever since Cousin Sonny almost won the local access cooking show, he’s been exactingly particular about what he chooses to eat. He finds Aunt Ana’s pumpkin pie too boring, but after trying this delectable pumpkin pie flavored ice cream with swirls of graham cracker and whip cream he can’t stop talking about how important texture is to culinary success. He was even more excited to realize it’s completely free of high fructose corn syrup and artificial flavors.

Cafe Olé Texas Pecan Coffee

Now that Grandpa Bill is retired, he goes to H-E-B every day—we’re pretty sure he just likes to hang out there. When fall comes around though, he goes to make sure he can get his favorite fall flavored cup of joe. Nothing recalls a Texas fall like the creamy caramel and nutty Texas Pecan flavors found in this iconic H-E-B blend. You can get your cold brew in this flavor too—fall in Texas is still warmer than most.  

Mexican Hot Chocolate H-E-B Twisters

If you thought the family couldn’t get enough of H-E-B’s My Hometown Twisters, wait until they try this tasty variation. Made with bold and sweet chocolate, the creamy filling is spiced with bright cinnamon that evokes the warm flavors of fall and the feeling of coming home to spend it with your loved ones.

Pumpkin Chai Tres Leches

After your brother-in-law Anthony went on that summer cruise to the Caribbean, he’s been talking nonstop about the cakes they had on the 24-hour dessert buffet—until now. H-E-B’s tres leches cake is his new favorite topic. Made with festive pumpkin and chai flavors, this decadent tres leches cake is a new fall favorite you can only find at H-E-B. Anthony is a fan.

Texas Roots Pumpkins

With all of these great pumpkin flavored treats, it’s easy to forget that pumpkins also serve a very important role in the decorative possibilities of the harvest season. Your mother got so excited by the ornamental options that she picked up enough gourds to bring an entire centerpiece over to your gathering! All the kids loved the Warty Goblin variety with its green and orange warts. With all the different shades and shapes of Texas Roots Pumpkins, there’s a unique combination of vegetal arrangements for every aesthetic.

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