This article is part of a sponsored content series produced in partnership between Texas Monthly and H-E-B highlighting H-E-B brand products that are made to be Texas favorites.

H-E-B celebrates Texas and Texans every month of the year, but it seems especially fitting to draw attention to the Lone Star State during Texas History Month. The tastes of Texas spread far and wide, from the RGV to the panhandle, from the city streets of Houston and Dallas to the country roads that thread through the state. H-E-B knows that what brings all of Texas together is a shared dedication to great taste and to the comforting meals and traditions that make the state home.

H-E-B’s heart is always in bringing the love to Texans, so it’s no surprise that within their aisles you’ll always find those treats that remind you of the Texas of your childhood, as well as your favorite Texas taste trends of today. You can celebrate Texas too and try these 9 H-E-B products, To Texas, With Love.

Texas Roots Poteet Strawberries and H-E-B Creamy Creations® Poteet Strawberry Ice Cream

Poteet is known to country music fans as the birthplace of George Strait, a Texas icon if there ever was one—but to strawberry lovers it’s known as the Strawberry Capital of Texas. These sweet and juicy fruits are delicious all on their own, but add it to an H-E-B and Texas original—Creamy Creations ice cream—for a real treat. Creamy Creations doesn’t stop the Texas love with strawberry—be sure to try out Houston Astros Peanut Butter Brittle (if you’re in the Houston area) or Texas favorites Texas Starry Night or Cookies Over Texas.

The Cowboy Cookie by H-E-B

Some legends transcend origin stories and local boundaries. The Cowboy, Texans must reluctantly agree, is an icon even bigger than Texas, something identified as American all across the world. The Cowboy Cookie, on the other hand, is a Texas H-E-B original—you won’t find it anywhere else. The legend goes that a couple of cowboys needed a snack after a long day of hustling cattle and scrounged up what they could from chocolate chips, oats, and tasty pecans. Taste this Texas treat for yourself and see what all the yee-hawing is about.

Cafe Olé® Texas Series­

The tailor-made Cafe Olé by H-E-B Taste of Texas series was developed with love and care as a gift for Texans to honor their roots. H-E-B is committed to developing and bringing the most authentic, Texas-inspired items to their shelves—and Texans can recognize the authenticity from a mile away. From San Antonio’s River Walk and the spaceships of Houston to the historic Capitol building of Austin and the valleys of the Rio Grande, H-E-B has crafted a coffee for each and every taste of Texas. Try the latest flavor additions, Hub City and the Taste of DFW.

H-E-B Texas Tough® & True TX BBQ®

Folks fly from all over the world to experience the tastes of Texas BBQ, but every Texan worth their salt can make mouthwatering ‘cue in their own backyard. H-E-B’s Texas Tough Pink Butcher Paper and Barbecue Foil are the kind of tools that’ll turn your backyard grillmeister into the neighborhood pitmaster. Whether you wrap your briskets in butcher paper or subscribe to the foil boat method, these materials have you covered. And H-E-B has the perfect seasonings to throw on some chicken, pork, turkey, or even veggie kebabs! Try the H-E-B Select Ingredients Texas Originals All-Purpose Creole Seasoning Spice Blend, or True TX BBQ Sweet TX Heat Rub to add a totally Texan kick to your next cookout.

H-E-B Bakery Jalapeño Cornbread

If you’re looking for the perfect Texas side to go with your BBQ, the H-E-B Bakery is the place to shop. If you’re looking for an item that shares the same kind of cowboy, trail-cooking DNA as BBQ and legendary Cowboy Cookies, try some Jalapeño Cornbread. It’s just like grandma used to make, except even better with spicy jalapeño and red peppers. Each batch is baked in store.

H-E-B Texas Pets® Chicken Jerky Treats

When you’re out honing your smoking and grilling skills, the family dog is sure to be watching your every move. A long smoke is way too much time for poor old Fido to be waiting for a snack, and maybe you won’t want to share brisket or pulled pork with the pup. Luckily, H-E-B has the pets covered too! H-E-B Texas Pets Chicken Jerky is made with USA chicken as the #1 ingredient. To find the perfect treat for your pet, check out the chew meter on the back of the bag.

H-E-B Texas Roots®

The sweet onion being the state vegetable of Texas makes it a perfect pick for this month’s cooking. For one thing it’s big, bold, and tasty. For another thing, it’s got a lot of layers to it. It’s also essential to a wide range of cuisines, just like Texas. We like to brag about things being bigger in Texas, but part of the advantage of such an expansive state is all the different ecoregions. That means H-E-B can source fresh produce in all different seasons all from Texas producers! All Texas Roots items are grown on Texas farms. Be sure to try some Texas Roots grapefruit, oranges, and strawberries too. If it’s in season and grown in Texas, you can find it in your H-E-B produce section.

Prime 1 Cowboy Burger

Texans know a good burger when they taste it. These Prime 1 Cowboy Burgers feature expertly seasoned USDA Prime grade beef that’s aged at a minimum of 14 days for extra tenderness. These patties are made in store and studded with bacon bits to bring the perfect mix of flavor, smoke, and texture. Ready to throw on the grill, pair these burgers with some Texas Roots onions, True Texas BBQ pickles, and H-E-B Texas Sized Hamburger buns and you’ll have a meal fit for a Rodeo king.

H-E-B Sushiya® Texas-Inspired Rolls

Sushi hasn’t always been a part of Texas cuisine, but with cutting edge chefs and restaurants across the state, Texas has expanded its dining horizons—and so has H-E-B. Their Sushiya Sushi House makes Texas-inspired sushi rolls to honor the flavors of different Texas regions, like the Rio Grande Roll topped with Spicy Crumbles and the Gulf Coast Roll filled with tasty shrimp. There are even city-specific options like the Austin Roll, San Antonio Roll, and upcoming DFW Roll coming in late March. Pick up your favorite the next time you shop.

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