There are a lot of great cities to visit in Texas…and then a few special ones that will surprise you. Waco is one of those places.

You may have heard of Waco because of the popular Magnolia Market made famous by some charming locals who gained attention with their TV shows. Or you may just know Waco as a natural stopping point halfway between Dallas and Austin along the I-35 corridor. But if you haven’t taken the time to stop by and explore everything Waco has to offer for yourself, you’re missing out on a real Texas gem.

Magnolia Market at the Silos.

We call Waco the Heart of Texas, and not just because of our incredibly convenient location. You see, Waco offers unexpected delights that will touch your heart. Whether you love history, sports, nature, food and drink or unique shopping, Waco is where you’ll find it … and a bit of yourself. 

You’ll also find warm, filled-with-heart hospitality that’s second to nowhere. Friendly people everywhere you go. Great weather all year long. And while Waco is always a nice place for a day trip, we recommend two, three, or—heck—four days to take it all in.

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