Autumn is a beautiful time to be in Santa Fe with the crisp blue skies and the golden aspen leaves. If it’s color you love, you’ll find lots of it at Barbara Meikle Fine Art. Barbara’s impressionistic work with expressive color that shows emotion might draw you in; or perhaps it’s the adorable fuzzy donkeys and the wild Spanish mustangs that catch your eye. Her limited-edition bronze pieces, ranging from one foot to six feet in height, have “hot color patinas” that sparkle in the New Mexico sun.

These wild horses colorfully splash in the waters of the Salt River in Arizona. “Splash Play on the Salt” by Barbara Meikle, oil on canvas, 48”h x 30”w.Photo by Simone Silva

Barbara Meikle Fine Art raises money for horse and donkey rescue and other animal shelters so the inspiration for Barbara’s work is often very close at hand. Her own stable of horses as well as her neighbor’s donkeys provide fodder for an active imagination. The gallery also shows kinetic wind sculptures by Andrew Carson, earthenware clay sculptures by Randy O’Brien, blown glass by David Shanfeld, whimsical acrylic paintings by Carla Spence and southwestern landscapes by Simone B. Silva.

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