The Town of Red River is a knowing smile on the map surrounded by a millions-acre National Forest playground. The Town has kept its mining roots close and the open wilderness closer, and offers visitors a quaint, tucked-away place that puts Mother Nature front and center. Although the Town itself has just over 500 residents, 350,000+ travelers pass through annually to experience the charm of one of the last pristine mountain towns in New Mexico.

Red River’s main street is Main Street, and practically the entire town is on it: shops, restaurants, and local businesses. Even the visitors center and the ski resort are a short walk from Main Street. Once you settle into a comfy cabin or hotel room, you can lay tracks in any direction and find yourself at everything from retail stores to local restaurants and historic bars to untouched mountain trails.

Visitors enjoy diverse winter activities including downhill skiing/snowboarding, X-country skiing/snowshoeing, snowmobiling, and more. Sightseeing is a given. You are pretty much guaranteed to see some form of wildlife during your stay. The Town of Red River is a great getaway for individuals and families who seek an invigorating winter excursion that may be a little farther down the road but much closer to an authentic winter experience.

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