Nestled among ten acres of land in the heart of Hunt County, Texas, the Audie Murphy/American Cotton Museum explores the rich and fascinating history of Hunt County, located just forty minutes east of Dallas. Join us this summer on a journey of discovery perfect for the entire family that will take you through the heyday of the cotton fields in the 1800s to the battlefields of the 20th Century.

Discover the days of a bygone era when cotton was a part of everyday life in Hunt County. Greenville was once home to the world’s largest inland cotton compress, which set a world record both in 1911 and 1912. Within just ten hours 2,073 bales were compressed in 1912 which was an amazing achievement and appeared in newspapers as far away as England.

Green, blue and brown. . . toothpaste, dynamite and ice cream.  What do these have to do with cotton? Come visit the museum to find out the answer!

In our Hall of Heroes wing walk through a WWI trench and meander through the armory of antique guns on display. Stroll among the extensive exhibits on WWII and learn about the regional and national heroes that came from our very own small Texas county. Audie Murphy, Claire Chennault of the Flying Tigers, Dean Hallmark and Nolan Herndon of the Doolittle Raiders just to name a few.

Soldier, War Hero, Actor, Poet, Songwriter. . .

Born into a poor sharecropping family near tiny Kingston, Texas, no one knew what future awaited Audie Leon Murphy.  Determined to help with the war effort Audie enlisted at the downtown Greenville post office in 1942. He went on to become the most decorated combat soldier of WWII, earning every medal possible, including the Medal of Honor, all before the age of 21!  And that is just the beginning of his story.

Visit the new Hunt County Gallery to learn the fascinating history of this county. From the hair wreath made in 1884 to the bois d’arc bricks that were once used to line the street to the 1920s “Main Street” exhibit that shows what people wore and did in that era. Discover all of the people, places and things that helped to make this county unique.

There’s something for all ages at the Audie Murphy/American Cotton Museum.  Be transported bac in time to an era when walking or riding a horse was still the most common way to get around. Try on a uniform jacket and listen to a solider on the battlefield and his family back home read letters they both just received.

Save the date for Audie Murphy Days for an event in honor of both Audie Murphy and all of the military.  Engaging speakers, movies and activities will be part of the line-up of activities on August 8th.

600 I-30 East, PO Box 347

Greenville, TX 75403

For more information visit or call 903-450-4502.