In this season of Thanksgiving, we celebrate family, friends, and time-honored traditions. When attending a formal sit down occasion, complete with elaborate table runners and place settings adorned with heirloom plates and the family silver, selecting the right favor to bring along can be a daunting task. Or if you’re the one setting your own table and trimming the traditional turkey for others, selecting just the right wine and spirits can be equally confounding. As you gather together this year, make things easy for your host or your own guests with Basil Hayden’s, a name emblematic of America’s bourbon tradition.

Made from a particular grain blend of corn, rye, and barley, Basil Hayden’s is a unique straight bourbon patiently aged in American white oak barrels. With delicate notes of ripe summer peaches, brown sugar, vanilla, black pepper, and spice, this amber-toned bourbon’s smooth, silky texture is an ideal match for this year’s holiday spread. Try pairing it with the rich, smoky flavors of an artisan charcuterie board built with a variety of smoked and cured meats, savory cheeses, olives, fruit, spiced nuts, and seasonal jams, all of which pair beautifully with Basil Hayden’s.

Enjoy it neat or on the rocks, but don’t be afraid to leverage its versatility mixed up in a cocktail. Basil Hayden’s is a perfect leading component in classics such as Old Fashioned’s and Manhattan’s, but also makes a fine companion for new holiday-inspired concoctions such as the festive “Everything But the Bird” cocktail. This tangy libation balances tart and citrusy cranberry and lemon with a smooth hint of cinnamon spice.

Don’t let the stresses of the Thanksgiving holiday overwhelm you; satiate every palate with Basil Hayden’s and a festive array of flavorful nibbles from Found Board & Table. With a vibrant array of meats, cheeses, breads, fruits, nuts, and vegetables, a delectable snack board complimented by the smooth, delicate flavors of Basil Hayden’s makes the perfect combination for which everyone will be truly thankful.

Everything But the Bird

2 pt Basil Hayden’s Bourbon
1 pt cranberry liqueur
.5 fresh lemon juice
.5 simple syrup
3 dashes cinnamon bitters

Shake ingredients with ice

Strain over a large ice sphere in a rocks or old fashioned glass

Garnish with a cinnamon stick

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