Every May 28th, the entire nation bands together to celebrate a Texas icon on National Hamburger Day. From its humble beginnings as a simple sandwich, to its evolution into one of America’s most popular dishes, the burger is the embodiment of the diverse cultures and innovative spirit of the Lone Star State. From the entrepreneurial chain restaurants bringing their burgers to Texans far and wide to the local hole-in-the-wall joints that have served neighborhood regulars for generations, the hamburger is a staple here in Texas.

At Goodstock by Nolan Ryan, our beef is proudly served by over 200 eateries across Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Colorado. That gives us a front-row seat to witness all that goes into the delicious meals produced by some of the world’s finest pitmasters and chefs – and get to know the personal stories behind them.

Watch the videos below to get to know the people behind some of the state’s best burgers; while each burger-meister comes from a different background, they are all dedicated to serving the best burger they possibly can, every single day. If you’re hungry for more, explore more stories behind the food and dining experiences that set Goodstock Ambassadors apart in Goodstock’s Proudly Serving Series.

Hamburger Dreams: The Hat Creek Burger Company Story

Hat Creek Burger Co. started as a food trailer in downtown Austin, TX and now has 26 locations throughout Texas, and every one of them offers a family friendly space for fellowship in addition to the great food. You don’t grow like that alone, and Hat Creek founder Drew Gressett knows he can rely on Goodstock by Nolan Ryan to deliver premium local Texas beef for his signature, standout burgers.

The Small Stuff: The Tommy’s Hamburgers Story

For Kelly Smith, the second-generation owner of Tommy’s Hamburgers, big taste comes from staying small. Staying small keeps her humble and lets her focus on her passion: giving the people of Fort Worth some of the best burgers around with three locations to choose from. And those burgers start with great local Texas beef from Goodstock by Nolan Ryan. Watch her full story and add her award-winning burgers to your to-do list now!

Burger Nostalgia: The Novrozsky’s Story

Dave Jones grew up enjoying meals with his family at hole-in-the-wall restaurants, where nothing is cookie-cutter, there’s something for everyone on the menu, and everything is great. As owner of Novrozsky’s Burgers, with five locations around the Golden Triangle on the outskirts of Houston, he is committed to recreating that experience, and serving the best burgers in Southeast Texas, built on Goodstock by Nolan Ryan’s local all-natural Texas beef.

Everything is Earned: The Chapps Burgers Story

Chapps Burgers is truly a family affair. Back in 1984, a hard-working mom and dad duo took a chance on a burger they believed in. And four decades later, thanks to the hard work of so many family and friends, that burger is enjoyed by thousands every year across North Texas. An extended member of that family has become Goodstock by Nolan Ryan and the local Texas Angus beef that sets the foundation for the classic Chapps Burger. Watch the full video for the Chapps story.