Community Beer Co., a local favorite in Texas bars, restaurants, and alcohol retailers, brings their award-winning brewing expertise to Brite Side, an exciting and unique approach to hard seltzer.  

  “At first, we were a little hesitant to get into the hard seltzer market,” says brewery founder Kevin Carr, “but after doing some in-house R&D we felt current seltzer options were missing something, and there was a big opportunity for a local, craft-centric hard seltzer to showcase unique flavor profiles using only premium, high-quality ingredients.  We asked ourselves, “what would our dedicated craft beer drinkers enjoy?” and set out to apply our beer knowledge to hard seltzer.  The results are four uniquely delicious flavors with ingredients not seen in other hard seltzer options.  

  Brite Side is currently available in 12 and 24 pack variety collections which include flavors like: Pinkies Up, a lively blend of peach and grapefruit; Super Fresh, a crisp and most refreshing combination of watermelon and cucumber; Golden Mule, a unique rendition of the popular Moscow Mule made with Meyer lemon, ginger and basil; and Berry Twist, a bright citrus fusion of cranberry and lime.  These flavors verge on cocktail territory, with a depth and complexity not normally seen in hard seltzers.  Perhaps more impressive is the crisp, clean finish, with no lingering sweetness or artificial aftertaste.  

  As the Texas summer quickly approaches Brite Side is the perfect companion to pool-side hangouts, outdoor BBQs, trips to the beach, and tailgating that first post-pandemic concert or sporting event.  The flavors are diverse, refreshing, and most drinkable. Put them in a variety pack configuration and you’re sure to please folks with different tastes- including your diehard IPA-loving craft beer drinking friends.  Yet even with big, bold flavors, Brite Side will still appeal to health-conscious drinkers out there, with zero added sugars, 90 calories and only 1g carbs.

In the ever-expanding world of hard seltzers it’s nice to see a local brewer taking such an elevated, craft-oriented approach to the segment.  You can pick up Brite Side Hard Seltzer now at your favorite beverage retailers and grocers.  For more info on Brite Side and where to buy, check out or