Family Physician, Mother, Military Wife, Author and Rancher in North East Texas.  Dr. Brown’s journey into medicine was far from a traditional path.  Born and raised on the Bishop Paiute Reservation in California, (ironically her husband is from Bishop, Texas), she and her siblings endured many hardships in their youth.  Yet through strife rose success from the lessons of hard work, discipline, gratitude and the true meaning of caring for others. As a single teenage mother, Dr. Brown knew she wanted more for her young children. She subsequently worked multiple jobs at all hours to pay for her schooling and support her children.  Graduating from the University of Nevada Las Vegas with degrees in Cell Biology and Biochemistry and then her Medical Doctorate from the University of North Dakota.  Her Family Medicine Residency and Board Certification was completed thereafter.

After practicing traditional medicine for several years, Dr. Brown realized that many chronic medical conditions needed more than “just medications.” She subsequently went on to further her education in nutritional and orthomolecular medicine.  “My role as a physician is not only to heal patients but help educate them. My goal is to help each person become healthy and live their best life.  Family Physicians are often the first point of contact for patients with health concerns and when they get to me many are overwhelmed by the number of medications they are on or worried about consequences of their medical conditions.

Enter Dr. Brown

Observation, interaction, guidance… She listens, queries and guides her patients to make informed decisions, together.  Developing a tailored treatment plan in nutrition, exercise, lifestyle changes, mental health and physical health. She discusses the pros and cons of each decision, activities, supplements and medications to help people become healthy with the goal to lower doses and come off medications.  Gain more energy. Feel better. Live longer. Be happier.

Why Telemedicine?

Brown Telemed brings this unique care to the comfort of your own home, office, barn or cabin.  The same labs, imaging and referrals but easier and quicker access to results and interpretation of them.  Boutique-like care without having to leave your comfort zone—and being cared for to keep you in it.

Dr. Brown is passionate about empowering each person to take charge of their own health and learn how to do it for themselves. She takes great joy in seeing her patient’s transformation.  

If you are looking for even more convenience in bettering your health, then her learning courses are for you.  Comprehensive learning modules that take you through a step-by-step guide to improve your health on major medical conditions such as Hypertension, Type II Diabetes, Cholesterol and Heart Disease.

Interested in making an appointment or online learning modules?  Contact Dr. Brown today and get started!

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