Texas Monthly is the proud media sponsor for Carrie Rodriguez’s second season of “From Texas With Love”.

Collaboration has always been the most exciting aspect of making music for me. I love the process of finding my way through a song with another human. I delight in coming together with someone who has a completely different musical background, cultural upbringing, and artistic sensibility to create music that is fresh and new. Some of my favorite musical memories are from casual outdoor collaborations. From rehearsals in Texas backyards, to quick song run-throughs behind festival stages, to late-night slightly drunken sing-a-longs around a fire pit – there is just something about the freedom of playing in the open air that allows musicians to plug in to something deeper than themselves.

It is out of this love for both collaborating and making music outside that From Texas With Love was born. Produced and directed by musician/videographer Luke Jacobs (Perfecto Creative), this video series presents a musical conversation in the wilds of Texas with some of our state’s most celebrated artists. Season two features collaborations with Bruce Robison, Melissa Carper, John Doe, and Matt the Electrician in four diverse and beautiful central Texas locales. I hope you enjoy these unique musical offerings – it was a joy to record them, and it’s a joy to be sharing them with YOU!

– Carrie Rodriguez

From Texas With Love, Carrie Rodriguez & Bruce Robison, Episode 1

From Texas With Love, Carrie Rodriguez & Melissa Carper, Episode 2

From Texas With Love, Carrie Rodriguez & John Doe, Episode 3

From Texas With Love, Carrie Rodriguez & Matt the Electrician, Episode 4

An Introduction to the project: