The “Hub City’s” dynamic approach to downtown revitalization, coupled with a community that fosters an environment conducive to growth and progress, paved the way for new developments in the shape of a world-class performing arts theater and a Michelin star worthy restaurant. 

Over the past year, Lubbock lifted the curtain and opened its doors to new attractions like The Buddy Holly Hall of Performing Arts and Sciences. Here, Broadway productions and headlining performances will take the stage in the Helen DeVitt Jones Theater. 

Just south of the theater, Lubbock’s newest addition to its eclectic culinary scene puts a West Texas twist on cosmopolitan dining. Chef Finn Walter, the internationally trained chef who made his way home to the LBK, uses local ingredients to inspire a uniquely High Plains dining experience for locals and visitors alike. 

In the “Hub City”, art takes form in ways of brewing. Local brewers like Sugar Browns Coffee Co. and Two Docs Brewing Co. have mastered their craft—craft beer and coffee, that is. Marvel in the unparalleled tastes of local brews among a thriving downtown scene. 

See for yourself the burgeoning development in Lubbock, Texas, during your next visit to the 806! 

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