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The largest act of love is listening—which makes the new line, Field & Future by H-E-B, an excellent example of H-E-B’s commitment to bringing the best products to Texans, With Love. When Texans ask, H-E-B listens.

H-E-B customers began voicing their desire to have more options for products that were better for the environment and didn’t utilize harsh chemicals. Caroline Reeve, H-E-B Director of Own Brand, Drug, Beauty, & General Merchandise, heeded the call and set out to introduce a line of household, personal care, and baby items with more eco-friendly ingredients.

Field & Future is a line of household, personal care, and baby items with more eco-friendly ingredients. Photo by Cassandra Klepac

“The inspiration started where all great inspiration comes from,” Reeve says, “from our partners and our customers.” This embodies H-E-B’s longstanding dedication to delivering Texans products designed with their specific needs in mind.

Originally from Dallas, Reeve remembers being jealous of the Texans a little further south who grew up shopping at H-E-B. After leaving Texas for college and an early career in museum art curation, she felt the pull to return to Texas, as so many of us do. She took the storytelling skills she learned in the art world and translated them into building H-E-B brands and products. Love for Texans and our shared environment is what Field & Future is all about.

There are numerous reasons why people seek out more natural, plant-based products without hard-to-pronounce chemicals in the ingredients, but Reeve and her team were struck by the personal stories they heard from H-E-B customers looking for products that would help improve the lives of their families.

H-E-B has a longstanding partnership with the Texas Parks & Wildlife foundation. Photo by Cassandra Klepac

“There were parents struggling with kids who had inexplicable rashes,” she says, and “lifelong migraine sufferers who finally realized it was artificial fragrances or harsh chemicals that were causing that [pain].”

Naturally, H-E-B wanted to help. As Reeve and her team began the research that would lead to the creation of Field & Future, they realized that while many customers wanted to make the change to greener products made with fewer chemicals, sometimes these types of products were prohibitively expensive and often didn’t work as effectively. Even if consumers found one product they trusted, it was always a challenge to find great options for all household and personal care needs. It was important to the H-E-B team that Field & Future was an expansive line that customers could trust.

After exhaustive focus group research and product testing, H-E-B is proud to present a more affordable, but also more effective, line of nearly 100 products using ingredients every family can feel great about. This means no artificial fragrances, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, or 165+ other ingredients. What’s more, Field & Future is doing good for the planet too, because the line has many options that use recycled materials or recyclable packaging, biodegradable formulas, or plant-based ingredients.

For example, the all-purpose cleaner that is 92% plant-based and distributed in bottles made with 100% post-consumer recycled material. The Field & Future trash bags are made with H-E-B plastic waste.

Beyond making sure ingredients in household goods are safer for Texan homes, it’s important to customers that Field & Future products are also kind to the environment. “Texans really like to take care of Texas, and the Texas community,” Reeve says.

This dedication to the stewardship of Texas led to Field & Future partnering with Texas Parks & Wildlife Foundation. This partnership will help preserve the state parks Texans hold near and dear to their hearts as well as help protect the creatures that also call Texas home.

H-E-B has a longstanding partnership with the Texas Parks & Wildlife Foundation, and extending the partnership to include the Field & Future line made perfect sense. “The terrific thing about this partnership is that it benefits everything and everybody,” says Anne Brown, Director of the Texas Parks & Wildlife Foundation. “When folks go into the store and buy [Field & Future products], they’re getting the benefit of buying a sustainable product, but they’re also getting the double benefit of preserving land, waters, and wildlife—which is for every single citizen.”

The Field & Future line features more than 90 products every family can feel good about. Photo by Cassandra Klepac

The Field & Future line specifically helps fund projects like the Texas Parks & Wildlife Coastal Conservation Project, the Black Bear Preservation Project, and the development of the new Palo Pinto Mountains State Park. Between the dedication of Texans, H-E-B, and the Texas Parks & Wildlife Foundation, we’re all doing our part to preserve the vast, diverse wildlife of Texas for generations of Texans to come.

H-E-B and Texas Parks & Wildlife Foundation have always been a natural fit (if you’ll pardon our pun!), because everyone knows you’ve got to stop at H-E-B when you’re on your way to go fishing, camping, or boating out in Texas wildlife. Now, when Texans buy the Field & Future products they’ll take on their outdoor adventures, they’ll also contribute to the ongoing mission of preserving parks, waterways, and wildlife for all Texans. Starting with the needs of Texans, this is a product line that gives back to everyone—To Texas, With Love.

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