About Clean Origin

Clean Origin was founded a little over three years ago, and to celebrate their fourth birthday, they’re raising the bar and opening their first showroom.

Their founders have decades of experience in all areas of the diamond industry. However, in opening Clean Origin, they chose to shift to a more sustainable, conflict-free alternative while still offering customers the opportunity to purchase a high-quality, thoroughly vetted diamond.

The diamond experts at Clean Origin firmly believe that customers deserve the chance to symbolize their love with diamonds that reflect their values. Offering only lab-grown diamonds, couples can promise their eternal love with a 100% ethically sourced diamond free of conflict. In short, Clean Origin is committed to providing their customers with diamonds as pure as their love is!

Texas Grand Opening

The Clean Origin team was quite deliberate with their choice to put down roots in the Lone Star State. They chose Texas as the location for their first showroom because Texas represents one of their biggest markets. However, they also feel that their new location — in close proximity to Dallas — offers an excellent opportunity to increase brand awareness.

“We want people to know the name Clean Origin, and to know what we stand for. We hope that the Texas market gives us the opportunity to grow and thrive,” says Founder, Alexander Weindling.

For visitors planning to stop-in, they’re excited to have customers browse their diverse collections of lab-grown diamond jewelry! Their selection will reflect many of the same products they have online, including:

  • Engagement Rings
  • Wedding Bands
  • Anniversary Bands
  • Loose Diamonds
  • Fashion Jewelry
  • And Much More!

Customers may also browse their collection of high-carat jewelry including a 19ct tennis necklace, 4ct hoops, and a 10ct tennis bracelet. They truly have something for everyone!

About Lab-grown Diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds are, as the name suggests, diamonds that were created in a lab setting. The diamonds are created via processes designed to mimic the natural processes by which diamonds are created under the earth.

Although lab-grown diamonds are sometimes referred to as “diamond alternatives”, a more apt description would be mined diamond alternatives.

When customers choose between a lab-grown diamond and a natural mined diamond, they aren’t choosing between a real diamond and a fake. They are choosing between two real diamonds whose only difference is where they were created.

Lab-grown diamonds are identical to mined diamonds. They are chemically, physically, and visually the same. However, there are some key differences between lab-grown and mined diamonds that buyers should know.

  • Price: Lab-grown diamonds sell for a fraction of the price of their mined counterparts. Savings can total up to 40%.
  • Ethical Options: Lab-grown diamonds are conflict-free and can be traced to the lab they were created in. Mined diamonds can be mined to fund conflicts or in ways that are unsafe to workers.
  • Eco-friendliness: Diamond mining has caused the breakdown of many ecosystems due to the necessary practice of shifting many tons of earth.

Stop by for a Visit!

If you’re on the search for a diamond engagement ring or other diamond jewelry, stop by the new Clean Origin storefront at:

Stonebriar Centre 2601 Preston Road, Frisco, Texas, 75034 Space 1053

Hours of operation:

  • Monday – Friday 11AM – 7PM, Saturday – Sunday 12- 6PM

Please be aware that all visitors must practice social distancing and will be required to wear masks. Clean Origin takes their COVID precautions seriously and wants to ensure that their customers are safe. For your convenience, they’ll also dispense hand sanitizer on-site.