Exchange the blue light of your phone screens for some golden-lit mountainsides and get some old-fashioned “face time” with family and friends this fall. Unplug from status updates and the onslaught of notifications and find yourself among forests of colorful aspen in Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak Wonders Region.

Fall is a magical time here. Crisp, autumn air welcomes vibrant foliage that puts on a dazzling display of color and brings people from around the country to experience the beauty and serenity that come with the changing leaves. 

Wind your way through aspen groves and rolling hills speckled with orange and yellow.

Spend your days exploring glittering aspen groves and rolling, golden hills. Enjoy leisurely strolls with the tykes through technicolor flora, or test your limits with heart-pumping treks summiting stunning vistas. Spend your nights snuggled up around a crackling fireplace in your own, cozy cabin or in a tent under a canopy of stars.

Take adventure up a notch with a guided Aspen bike ride down the Pikes Peak Highway.

Get a front-row seat from the comfort of your own car with a scenic drive through winding mountain roads or kick adventure up a notch with a guided Jeep tour or bike ride. Whether you bring your entire brood or the people that just feel like family, autumn in the Pikes Peak Wonders Region will help you reconnect.

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