Every fall and spring, Magnolia Home at the Silos in Waco undergoes a complete transformation to reflect the beauty of the season. These full room scenes, filled with furniture, rugs, and decor curated by Joanna Gaines, are all created to give guests fresh inspiration for their own homes. Whether you’re living in an apartment, your first house, or wanting to reimagine a space you’ve lived in for years, Magnolia Home is designed to help you dream big.

Years before Magnolia Home opened in late summer of 2020, Jo had the desire to build a place where guests and visitors could visualize all the layers of home together. At Magnolia Market, the Gaines’ first store on the Silos property that opened to the public in fall 2015, guests can shop collections of decor curated by Jo. But she wanted to invite visitors to Waco into the full story of home—fully designed room scenes to spark ideas for people as they create spaces they love.

Photo courtesy of Magnolia Market

This idea first took shape in Jo’s design book, Homebody, which released in fall 2018. Her hope was that this would serve as a tool to help people form spaces that are unique to them and their story. Jo wanted to showcase rooms that represent a multitude of styles, along with practical tools and guidelines—and even blank pages for sketching out dreams and plans. The book was Jo’s starting point for empowering and equipping others to create spaces they never want to leave, but she also wanted to bring that experience to life in a tangible way for people who visit the Silos. She began to envision a retail showroom that would showcase every layer of home, from rugs and furniture, to pillows and wall decor, to the other smaller accent pieces that make a space your own.  

This vision gradually came to life as a big, empty warehouse in downtown Waco transformed into Magnolia Home. The space is reminiscent of a design studio, filled with an array of rugs hung on the wall, sketches and color swatches laid out, and styled scenes open for exploring. Guests can sit on the furniture, feel the rugs, and hold pieces of decor, creating an interactive experience to help them identify their own personal style and walk away with pieces that feel right for their space. 

Photo courtesy of Magnolia Market

So whether you’re coming in to shop for specific items, starting completely from scratch and need ideas, or just wandering in after grabbing a drink from the connected coffee shop, Magnolia Press, the hope is that you’ll walk out of Magnolia Home with new inspiration in hand. From one detailed vignette to another, guests are transported to different living spaces, including bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms. With the season’s candle burning in the background, you’re invited to make yourself comfortable and stay a while.  

Even if you’re a returning visitor, you likely won’t see the same Magnolia Home twice. Each season, select rugs, furniture, and decor get swapped out to reflect new collections. But the greatest transformation happens every fall and spring, where the room scenes are completely reimagined and recreated from the ground up. Magic unfolds overnight as new furniture is brought in and blended with older pieces, creating storied, collected looks true to Jo’s design philosophy. Just a few weeks ago, the showroom underwent this change for fall, and the new displays already have guests daydreaming about their next design project.

Photo courtesy of Magnolia Market

Magnolia Home was born out of a desire to help others realize that they have the ability to curate spaces that feel true to who they are. Since its arrival in Waco, it has served as a place for people to envision the possibilities for their own homes. To start planning your visit, learn more about the store, or shop online, visit here