Vida is about crafting the journey.

With a passion for craft beer and community, three Dallas natives launched Four Corners Brewing Co. in 2012. Having been avid home brewers in the decade prior, the Founders wanted elevate craft beer culture in their hometown. Originally located in West Dallas’ La Bajada neighborhood, Four Corners expanded to their current location in The Cedars neighborhood in 2017. Four Corners has proudly played an integral part of burgeoning craft beer scene in North Texas and has added a unique dimension to the expanding Texas craft beer landscape. 

Vida is about telling one’s story.

Four Corners celebrates a Vida, Well Crafted.  For the brewery, that means expressing its Texas roots inside and out.  

Among their year-round brews is Local Buzz, a crisp golden ale brewed with Texas-sourced honey.  El Grito Lager is a light, crisp and flavorful, Texas summer sipper. Heart O’ Texas is a robust, amber ale inspired by the love of Texas barbecue. The Bonnie and Clyde of the line-up includes El Chingón; a bold and assertive India Pale Ale and an aggressive double IPA, La Chingona, as its enchanting compañera. 

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Beyond the beer, packaging completes the story with artwork as vibrant as the Texas spirit.  Inspired by the Mexican game, lotería; each label is designed by award-winning, designer Cristi Brinkman.

Vida is about exploration.

Not just a beer company, but a craft brewing company. Four Corners continues its journey in brewing with its launch of Buchalada Boozy Kombucha Seltzer.  Buchalada is an innovative beverage that blends the light and refreshing effervescence of seltzer with the bold flavor and elevated spirit of kombucha. Fruity, sparkling and colorful; definitely not your basic seltzer and #NotYourBasicBooch

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Vida is about celebration.

Four Corners serves up local flavor and craft beer in The Cedars neighborhood; located just south of Downtown Dallas. The Taproom is housed in a former carriage house built in the early 1900s. Inside, there’s a constant flow of one-of-a-kind “Taproom Series” beers, plenty of seating, and weekly special events including “Loteria Live” every Thursday. Swing by for a pint and a pic and use their murals as a backdrop to update your Insta-profile.

Vida is about the people you consider familia.

Four Corners Brewing Co. is dedicated to people like you; artfully crafting your life’s journey and uniquely expressing your joy to the world.

With you, we raise a brew to a Vida, Well Crafted!

Es tu vida. Craft it well.

Learn more about Four Corners Brewing Co., come visit us, or find our beer near you. ¡Salud!