Pride Runs Deep In Our Lone Star Waters

Commercial Texas fishermen harvest the finest Gulf shrimp, blue crab, oysters and fish with the utmost care for quality control standards and seafood safety practices. Fueled by hard work and the sea, their dedication plays a vital role in getting the premium, wild-caught seafood you love from the Gulf to your plate.

The Best Surf Is Caught On Our Own Turf

The tastiest shellfish comes right from our own backyard. So go ahead and fill that tortilla, bowl or plate with succulent Gulf shrimp.

Pride From The Texas Tide

Texas proudly harvests wild oysters year-round from our waters of the Lone Star State. Deep-fried, broiled or grilled, these Gulf gems offer a distinctive taste you won’t find anywhere else.

Wild Caught From Our Own Backyard

You don’t have to go far to get rich, sweet, succulent and buttery taste of crabmeat on your plate. With 367 miles of pristine coastline, blue crabs are a shore thing in Texas Gulf waters.

We Always Put Our Best Fin Forward

Down in the Gulf, dedicated fishermen play a Texas-sized part in getting the best quality seafood to your plate. So sauté that snapper, grill that grouper or blackened that drum.

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