Garland, Texas is a collection of dozens of vibrant neighborhoods. And while each one has a charm of its own, there’s a strong sense of community that always brings people together. Winding streets, charming architecture, and tight-knit communities welcome every resident with open arms.

A Place to Call Home

“We are a naturally diverse community,” said Ayako Schuster, business development manager for the City of Garland. “As far as the real estate market, Garland offers a wide range of options and price points—which is different from neighboring cities. Also, the accessibility in Garland is great. There is a welcoming, neighborhood feel here.”

Whether you’re looking to purchase your first home or moving up to an executive residence, the best values are in Garland. The Dallas Business Journal calls Garland one of the best-kept secrets in the DFW Metroplex for potential homebuyers. Garland boasts a diverse range of housing types and neighborhood options. From mid-century modern to classic craftsman to contemporary, whether you’re in search of a quiet cul-de-sac or a home with a lakefront view, Garland has an option for you.

Garland has thriving neighborhoods that represent people from all of world. The exceptional Garland Independent School District has built a strong support system to accommodate language barriers, which helps families feel comfortable raising their kids and putting down roots in the city.

New Amenities on the Way

The City of Garland is bursting with new amenities for our entire community. Recently, an impressive off-leash dog park was constructed, new playground equipment was installed at many parks around the city, and extensive street improvements were completed. By the end of next year, Garland’s Downtown Square and 14 blocks of surrounding streetscapes will be transformed into a haven for pedestrians with inviting patio areas, a recreational/event lawn, new water feature, and a perfectly perched treehouse for the kids. Over the next four years, Garland is adding new aquatics amenities, library makerspaces, hike/bike trails, and recreation center improvements for residents to enjoy. The city is undergoing significant reinvestment in its transportation corridors and utility infrastructure as well.

In addition to these city amenities, Garland ISD opened a state-of-the-art natatorium for students last year. And the new Riverset subdivision development is centered around providing extensive private amenities for its residents, including a beautiful central park designed by award-winning landscape architects.

Outdoor Recreation Galore

Garland provides more than 2,800 acres for its residents to enjoy sports, recreation, and other outdoor activities, so whatever outdoor recreation you are craving, Garland promises you a quick escape from the everyday world.

When you think of Garland, the perks of modern suburbia typically come to mind. And while there is plenty to do, see, eat, and shop for in Garland, its hidden gems are what you don’t immediately see whenever you visit or pass through—64 parks and more than 15 trails totaling over 35 miles to be exact. In fact, you can get so deep into the covered and secluded off-road trails in Garland that you can barely hear street noises anymore, making it an unexpected find in an urban setting.

“People tend to view Garland as an urban city, so it often surprises them to learn about the miles of trails and the large number of parks we have that go beyond the typical soccer fields,” said Dana Lodge, director of the Garland Convention & Visitors Bureau. “They offer more of a true nature experience.”

The crown recreational jewel of Garland, of course, is Lake Ray Hubbard, a 22,000-acre lake that beckons the entire Dallas area as an essential destination to relax and unwind.

Vibrant, Family-Friend Arts Scene

The arts in Garland have flourished with the multitude of culturally diverse organizations who perform at the Granville Arts Center facilities. The City of Garland brings rich fine arts experiences that attract patrons from throughout North Texas. Through the Garland Cultural Arts Commission, community-based arts and historic organizations have found strong support and opportunities to grow.

In Garland’s Art Walk, located in the heart of downtown, a colorful piece of the community’s handiwork is on full display. Local resident Cullin Lassiter created the paint-by-numbers system that allowed fellow Garlandites to take turns wielding brushes provided by the city. Lassiter said, “It’s a challenge but a great reward, because everyone has fun and gets to be creative on something they probably didn’t know they could do.”

Unexpected Culinary Delights

Garland, unarguably, is among the most multicultural places to live in the Dallas area. A rich mixture of people have created long careers here by opening family restaurants that serve delicious, flavorful dishes that tell a story about their cultures.

Tiny, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it restaurants featuring international cuisine are popular in Garland. It’s not uncommon for people to drive from the furthest points of Dallas/Fort Worth to get a taste of the cuisine they remember from childhood.

“I’m from Japan but have lived here 20 years, and it’s nice to see friends and families from all over gathering in restaurants to enjoy the food they love so much,” Ayako Schuster said. “Many of the restaurants grow popular by word of mouth—if you know, you know.”

Whether you’re craving Asian, Latin, African, Middle Eastern, or all-American eats, there’s never a dull moment or meal in Garland.

Community of Values

Through the years, Garland has become a community where dreams come true for the people who call it home. The residents of Garland value the drive to create, not just to consume. They value hard work and inclusiveness, encouraging every individual to succeed. With a variety of neighborhoods, employment opportunities and community services, Garland values experiences that are good for the soul.

The city’s mantra, Make Your Mark, is a call to action for residents to live life to the fullest—on their own terms.

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