With a rich and abundant history, San Elizario, Texas, is home to many hidden treasures. We are home to the First Thanksgiving in Texas, which took place in 1598. Our small town also hosted famous outlaw Billy the Kid in 1880, as he daringly broke his partner in crime out of an iron reinforced federal penitentiary cell. This was the first jail in the whole El Paso County, transported directly from Chicago, Illinois, to San Elizario piece by piece. In 1877, San Elizario was the center of the “Salt War,” a local but decisive conflict between local residents and wealthy entrepreneurs over salt rights. After several weeks of conflict, and a high death toll, the Texas Rangers attempted to restore order without a clear victory. The conflict proved that Fort Bliss was a necessary military outpost.

San Elizario High School ROTC ceremony for the Veterans Day Parade and Celebration. (San Elceario Catholic Church). Photo by Lillian Trujillo, 2018
Ceremonial table dedicated to POW-MIA during Veterans Day Parade and Celebration.Photo by Lillian Trujillo, 2015
1850 iron reinforced jail cell located in San Elizario, Texas.Photo by Lillian Trujillo, 2001

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