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It’s hard to move with confidence in a suit that doesn’t fit you. More than any other piece of clothing, a suit is meant to fit—the issue is that so many of them, like the ones bought from a “one cut fits all” rack, just don’t. An ill-fitting suit feels and looks wrong. Many people know this, but endure them because they think that a well-tailored suit is a luxury item that they can’t afford.

EnterIndochino, a company that aims to revolutionize the way that men buy and wear suits. Indochino makes made-to-measure suits at off-the-rack prices, giving men an accessible path to custom-tailored style and a perfectly fitted suit for every frame and form.  A custom suit from Indochino, fully personalized to your fit and style, costs only $399—the same price that you would pay for an untailored off-the-rack suit. By using quality materials and precise tailoring, Indochino makes affordable suits that feel premium.


While you can order your suit online and take the measurements yourself (they’ll even mail you a measuring tape), Indochino makes it even easier to do it in person. Just book an appointment in one of their three new showrooms in Austin, Dallas, or Houston, and in an hour’s time you’ll be freed from ill-fitting suits once and for all.

Many men who walk into an Indochino showroom will not have had a custom suit made before. This is why Indochino has Style Guides on staff—experts who can guide each customer through the process. Style Guides take customers through the fabric, button, lapel, and other design choices, giving advice on styling and customization and taking the required measurements. Indochino suits start with a template that is sized to each customer’s general proportions, and then through a series of measurements—fourteen in total, including one that takes posture into account—fine-tune the cut of the suit until it fits perfectly.

Cut from a Different Cloth

According to Houston showroom manager Ashley Lundahl, part of the Style Guide’s job is to ask the little questions, which includes things like how the shirt cuffs or the specific break of the pants should look. They’re also familiar with how the different fabrics and cuts play out in day-to-day life. As Lundahl puts it, “having a knowledgeable Style Guide is crucial to choosing a lightweight but durable fabric to complement this Texas heat!”

Indochino’s tailors use only Australian Merino wool, a fabric that is especially fine-woven and makes for a soft, breathable suit that keeps you cool and stays wrinkle-free all day. But the fabric is only the beginning. It’s the combination of this high-quality wool with detailed tailoring that gives Indochino suits their particular feel: a natural, form-fitting cut that’s miles away from the stiff, boxy look of off-the-rack alternatives.

Make It Your Own

Once your Style Guide has taken your measurements and determined the blueprint for your new suit, you can get to work making it a precise expression of your personal style. Customization is included free of charge with every suit, and the wealth of options puts you in complete control of your look.

Hone in on the details with your choice of lapels, pockets, vents, and buttons; coordinate your new suit with your wardrobe by choosing from a full range of fabric colors and patterns; and add a personal touch with an eye-catching lining or even a specialized monogram. It’s up to you, but no pressure. The showroom team is there to advise along the way.

Indochino’s production model also makes it easy to tailor each suit to workplace and lifestyle needs.

“With oil and gas being a key industry in Houston,” Lundahl notes, “we offer versatile workwear options but also bolder patterns and on-trend colors for the many stylish men in this city.” Considerations like this mean the end product reflects you, where you’re from, and what you do.

Style Made Affordable

So you’ve finished customizing your suit—Indochino can take it from here. The company is partnered with Dayang Group, a high-end garment manufacturer that also handles production for Ralph Lauren and J. Crew. Within three weeks, your suit will be made, shipped, and delivered right to your door. Just like customization, shipping is free—another way Indochino tries to keep good suits within reach. The cost of your suit covers every part of the process, from your consultation and tailoring, to the personal touches, to its delivery and even last-minute alterations if the completed suit needs to be tweaked: something that anyone who has dealt with the after-the-fact costs of trying to tailor a generic suit will appreciate.

“It’s a really great and interactive process, and the customer is able to really see how they feel and look in the final product,” says Lundahl.

How can a custom suit fit your lifestyle? Find out for yourself by booking an appointment and meeting your Style Guide at one of the three new showrooms in Texas. There’s a suit out there that fits both you and your budget.

Use code TEXAS for an exclusive deal and get a custom suit for $379.