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Two of the wildest times of the year to be out on the town are the Big Game and Valentine’s Day. Crowded sports bars, long wait times, reservations that are impossible to get—who needs all the hassle? Luckily, H-E-B brings the love to its customers—whether they be lovers of America’s most watched sport or just lovers of love. These 9 H-E-B brand products—made to Texas with love—are perfect for an at-home celebration. The question is which special occasion do these unique items work better for?

Brie Mine Cheese Board & Tailgating Cheese Board

Okay, this first one is a softball—strike that—this one is as easy as an extra point! These charcuterie boards are made fresh in store. Make a declaration of love and impress your sweetheart by bringing a tasty and creatively presented cheeseboard. Or knock out the football fanatics with a spread fit for a champion. Either way, they’ll love it!

Sweet Dip Spread Party Tray

This dessert tray features fresh strawberries, marshmallows, and vanilla wafers. Make it your own by picking which dip works best for you. Choose from several dip options, including chocolate hummus, strawberry cheesecake dip, or a variety of sweet cheeseballs to make your ideal party tray. We often think of Valentine’s Day as a holiday all about sweets, but isn’t the sweet smell of success the end goal of the big game?

Gourmet Dipped Strawberries with Taji

Every rose has its thorn, and what’s some sweetness without a little spice? Relationships are all about keeping things interesting, and Tajin puts a great twist on an old classic. Made fresh in the H-E-B Bakery, these tasty strawberries are dipped and then dusted with Tajin® for a tangy, citrusy, subtly spicy treat. ¡Qué rico!

H-E-B Fresh Dips: Guacamole, Salsa, & Guacamole Pico Blend

Essential for any celebration, these classic dips pair fantastically with Mi Tienda Fajitas, H-E-B Bakery Tortillas, and of course, H-E-B Bakery Sea Salt Tortilla Chips. The Guacamole Pico Blend is perfect for when you just can’t decide which dip to choose. These dips are all classic big game appetizers, but here in Texas sharing chips and dips can be considered a pretty romantic endeavor as well.

H-E-B Limited Edition Chips: Loaded Nacho, Lemon Pepper, & Korean BBQ

From the limitless imaginations of the H-E-B Salty Snacks team come these new flavors, perpetually associated with big game appetizers, now magnificently engineered into chip form. The classic nacho ingredients all in one bite. The bold flavors of Korean BBQ, sweet and spicy, including soy, garlic, and red pepper flavor. Lemon Pepper, that classic flavor mainstay, is now seasoning your favorite chip. It may seem like a no-brainer that these would be big game appetizers, but open your mind—imagination is pretty romantic too!

H-E-B Meal Simple Mexican-Style Spicy Corn Dip

Mexican street-style corn is a perennial favorite, and now H-E-B has transformed it into a creamy dip with a nice kick. A tantalizingly tasty mixture of creamy goodness with chiles and onions, this dip comes ready to bake and serves up in just 15 minutes. It’s perfect as a dip while watching the game or even a nice appetizer before a meal. Available in select stores.

H-E-B Simply Wrapped Jalapeño Poppers

Perhaps the popper seems like the realm of tailgating and football watching—it shines at these occasions, of course, but imagine the possibilities for such a smoky and spicy treat. H-E-B’s Simply Wrapped Jalapeño Popper line includes variations stuffed with brisket, boudin, jalapeño cheese sausage, and cream cheese. Pop one of each into your own mouth or the mouth of your special someone and find your favorite.

H-E-B Mi Tienda Seasoned Beef Skirt Steak for Fajitas

Hearts aflutter across Texas when that sizzling skillet of fajitas traipses its way across a restaurant dining room. It’s akin to seeing your crush across the cafeteria or watching your team succeed on the big play. Now you can bring that excitement to your big game celebration or your intimate Valentine’s Day dinner in. H-E-B Mi Tienda Seasoned Fajitas are marinated for tenderness with subtle seasoning to make a memorable meal at home. Even better, H-E-B Mi Tienda Steak Fajitas pair great with all the other appetizers you’ve brought to the big game bash or planned for a romantic dinner. ¡Buen provecho!

Heart-Shaped Boneless Ribeye

Known as a sweetheart steak, this is just the cut to share with someone you love. However, it could also make a showstopping presentation for halftime. Custom cut in-store by H-E-B certified meat cutters—choose from premium grade cuts ready for the grill, or Meal Simple steaks packaged oven-ready in heart-shaped tins. They say a way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach, and this beauty will have anyone you share it with fondly remembering you.

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