It’s leaf peeping season in Oklahoma and Chickasaw Country has an abundance of locations from which the color-changing fall foliage can be appreciated. This annual practice of observing the change and fall of warm-colored autumn leaves, is the perfect opportunity to enjoy your favorite outdoor activities. The Chickasaw National Recreation Area offers an unparalleled backdrop for avid and amateur leaf peepers alike. Venture horseback through Lake Murray’s nature trails, bike around Veteran’s Lake, or simply explore some of south-central Oklahoma’s awe-inspiring landscapes.

Turner Falls in Chickasaw Country.Photo courtesy of @blackhikingqueen

The Lake of the Arbuckles offers a moment of serenity where visitors can watch as the colorful foliage from the nearby native hardwoods flutter down to the water’s edge. Turner Falls takes you deep into the Arbuckle Mountains where, nestled amongst rolling hills and colorful woodland, the foliage is reflected in the pools below. Visitors with an affinity for the falls can stay at Turner Falls Cope Villa, luxury cabin rentals offering views overlooking the surrounding forestry. Whether visitors choose to appreciate this season’s breathtaking colors by horseback, foot, or a warm and cozy spot indoors, there is no shortage of ways to appreciate the foliage in the heart of Chickasaw Country.

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