Garland, Texas, is that down-home sweet spot between “best kept secret” and “second hometown.” It’s the type of destination you want to return to every weekend, hoping to make it all that much more yours, stopping into Intrinsic for a mouthwatering barbeque plate or an ice-cold craft beer or maybe meeting up with your friends at the iconic Plaza Theater (a staple of the downtown scene since 1941!). 

Now that you think about it: everything seems to be pointing you toward making Garland—well, er, well, making it your own! And you’d be in good company because Garland is home to many who have made their mark on the town.

Take, for instance, Jimmy Wallace Guitars—a staple of the downtown scene. Stroll into the shop, and you’ll hear from the legend about the folks who left their mark in music and with which guitar. Jimmy wants his place to be where you don’t just admire something, “put away in a case.” His store is “to be “the kind of place where you can see and touch the guitars. Any kid who loves guitar can come in here, play a classical guitar like the Les Paul, touch it, take a picture with it, and be inspired to keep playing.”

Film director and real estate developer Tom De Nolf has his sights set on the transformation of historic downtown Garland.

Another maker in Garland is award-winning commercial director Tom De Nolf. Before becoming a film director, Tom was a theatre director and touring performer. His film company, De Nolf Films, was established 12 years ago, and he continues to produce his work worldwide. Tom is also now a savvy real estate investor who owns quite a few buildings in downtown Garland, assisting in a downtown transformation that creates a vibe and a mood all its own—one that embodies charm, wonder, and allurement. 

For other makers, the journey to call Garland home has been spiritual. Ellen James founded Into the Well Collective, Garland’s growing community that meets to practice self-care and self-acceptance routines, yoga, Pilates, and other exercise classes. From Ellen’s website: “This simple act of showing up for myself and doing something that I loved reminded me of my worth and value. It reminded me of what it felt like to exist for myself. I was inspired to create a platform that celebrates authenticity, living fully into your life, and giving space to yourself to thrive.”

Entrepreneur and downtown influencer Ellen James brings a cool and peaceful vibe to Garland.

As previously mentioned, and so true to its name: Intrinsic Smokehouse & Brewery has become a beloved and revered barbeque joint—drawing people from all over to savor its juicy meats and craft brews. The old-world brick covering the outside of the restaurant naturally fits into downtown Garland and its timeless charm. The brick, the classic main street awning, the big bay windows…you’d have to do some real side-stepping and look the other way not to feel invited in when walking downtown. 

But in the words of Intrinsic owner Cary Hodson: “We’re more than just a cool place to gather with music, crafted beer, and BBQ,” he said. “We understand the importance of being a good neighbor, promoting local events, and supporting other businesses in the area. By doing so, this business has become a valued and trusted member of the community, contributing to the overall well-being of the area and helping to make it a vibrant and thriving place to live, work, and visit.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. So, stay and eat some mouthwatering Texas-style barbeque, enjoy craft soda and beer, and be among friends. You’ve been warned: the ambiance at Intrinsic is addicting! It’s a place you’ll want to come back again and again.

Garland’s reputation is spreading for its hosting of cultural events and celebrations year-round.

Garland, Texas, is the epitome of a timeless Texas community–with a rich mixture of makers and experiences that nurture entrepreneurialism and creativity. Where good eats, delicious drinks, and charm you won’t find anywhere else. Whimsical and always eager and sincere in offering adventures and new experiences, the city and its people pack a ton of originality into the town, distinguishing it from cookie-cutter communities that proliferate the DFW area. It is where the wanderer can escape for the day or the weekend or fall in love so much with its genuineness that you may consider calling it home.

And there’s so much to look forward to in Garland. A new destination Square, aquatics amenities, recreation center improvements, a state-of-the-art GISD natatorium, library maker spaces, additional hike/bike trails, exclusive subdivisions, and reinvestment in transportation corridors and utility infrastructure are only the beginning of what you can look forward to in Garland during the next few years as the city continues to grow and improve.

So, what are you waiting for? Plan your next trip to Garland, Texas, and make it yours.