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The makings of an unforgettable summer experience are in San Antonio. From historic landmarks to delicious food and vibrant culture, the Culinary Capital of Texas has something for everyone. Here are some that are sure to make your summer unforgettable:

Real Immersion. True History.

San Antonio Missions National Historical Park

The four missions—Mission Concepción, Mission San José, Mission San Juan, and Mission Espada—are the largest concentration of Spanish colonial missions in North America. Constructed during the 18th century by Spanish settlers in Texas, they are all located along the San Antonio River. In 2015, along with the Alamo, they have been named the first and only World Heritage Site in Texas by UNESCO. San Antonio Missions National Historical Park is a member of the National Park Service.

The Alamo

Located downtown, the Alamo features interactive tours and exhibits. With more than four million visitors every year, the Alamo is one of the most visited historic sites in the state and is in the middle of a renaissance of interpretation and conservation. New this year is a 24,000-square-foot Alamo Exhibition Hall and Collections Building, a state-of-the-art museum that showcases artifacts and exhibits related to the Alamo’s history and significance. It provides visitors with a unique and immersive experience that explores the Alamo’s rich history and helps to preserve its legacy for future generations.

San Fernando Cathedral

As the oldest, continuously functioning religious community in Texas, San Fernando Cathedral holds a special place for visitors and residents alike. Built in 1731, the cathedral also serves as the backdrop for the immersive art experience known as San Antonio | The SAGA, an extraordinary multimedia extravaganza featuring a breathtaking 23-minute 3D light show.

Real Art. True Creativity.

The Witte Museum

An amazing collection of Texas dinosaur fossils draw you into The Witte Museum, but so much more awaits. See one of the best representations of the people and wildlife of Texas, experience interactive storytelling exhibits, and check out a regularly rotating series of year-round exhibits.

McNay Art Museum

If modern art is what you are looking for, the McNay, with over 22,000 works, is the place to go. One of the first museums of modern art in Texas, the McNay engages a diverse community in the discovery and enjoyment of the visual arts.

San Antonio Museum of Art (SAMA)

San Antonio Museum of Art (SAMA) features the most comprehensive collection of ancient Greek, Roman, and Egyptian art in the southern United States. The Latin American art wing features an outstanding collection of folk art, and the Asian art wing displays some of the finest Korean, Indian, Chinese, and Japanese pieces in the country.

Real Flavors. True Fusion.

Recognized by UNESCO as a Creative City of Gastronomy, San Antonio offers unique flavors and authentic cuisine in every corner of the city. If you think San Antonio cuisine is all Tex-Mex, we’re ready to show you that’s just one of our many incredible culinary offerings and fusions. San Antonio has a thriving street food scene, offering everything from Korean-Mexican fusion to gourmet hot dogs. And our upscale dining is as diverse as it is delicious. Whether you’re looking for traditional fare or something more modern and inventive, San Antonio has something to offer every taste.

Real Moments. True Fun.

Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Don’t miss San Antonio’s largest theme park, Six Flags Fiesta Texas. Fiesta Texas is a great place for thrills, excitement, and family memories. Cool off in the giant wave pool, take on record-breaking roller coasters like the brand-new Dr. Diabolical’s Cliffhanger, enjoy live entertainment, and cap off the day with a nightly fireworks show.

SeaWorld San Antonio

Experience marine life at SeaWorld San Antonio. Full of family fun, amazing shows, and some unique up-close animal encounters you will not find anywhere else. With a collection of rides and interactive animal presentations, SeaWorld offers journeys of discovery for the whole family.

Morgan’s Wonderland

With a mission to give everyone a chance to play, Morgan’s Wonderland is San Antonio’s Ultra-Accessible™ theme park. This non-profit park features a wheelchair-accessible Ferris wheel, unique sensory experiences, and plenty of attractions for all to enjoy.

San Antonio Zoo

Set on 56 acres with more than 3,500 animals of more than 750 species, the San Antonio Zoo has been named the number two zoo in the U.S. for conservation, animal welfare, and education. Rated at the #1 Zoo in Texas, here you can create lasting memories for the entire family with behind-the-scenes tours—like feeding giraffes or Galapagos turtles, or petting rhinos or kangaroos!

San Antonio is a city of authenticity, a special mix of history, cuisine, arts, and culture that will surprise and delight you. Go to to learn more about what San Antonio has to offer for your summer vacation.

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