Austin native Amy Brown is a radio personality on the popular syndicated “Bobby Bones” radio show. Broadcasting live from Nashville, Amy often shares stories from her life with listeners. When her mother, Judy, was diagnosed in 2012 with cancer for the third time, Amy shared how she chose joy through grief.  Watch the video below to see the full story.


During Judy’s treatment, Amy gave updates on her mom’s condition. Listeners became invested in Judy’s struggle and how she she was able to spread joy in her daily life. One day, Amy got the idea to start a Twitter account for her mom, and jokingly called it @JudyBePimpinJoy. Amy and Bobby decided to sell hats with the hashtag #PIMPINJOY, donating all proceeds to various charities via The Shop Forward.

As #PIMPINJOY grew, more and more people became interested in Judy’s story. With the news of Judy’s passing, the iconic Austin restaurant, El Arroyo, changed their sign in support for the cause. Listen here to see what it meant to Amy.


Illustrations and animation by Sara Kopke and Matthew Fultz. 

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