Goodstock is more than just providing quality Texas beef and local provisions.  They also focus on beef and cattle education.  When customers come into the butcher shop the staff at Goodstock prides themselves on making each experience as “GOOD” as it can be.  From assisting with selecting the perfect steak, discussing different seasoning suggestions, and even ways to prepare each cut just like your favorite steakhouse right at home.  Whether this if your first time visiting, or you are a loyal weekly shopper, Goodstock has the products and knowledge you need to make each and every grilling/BBQ experience as memorable as the next.

In the latest episode of ‘Good Tips’, Goodstock’s educational series, Chris focuses on the most tender cut – the Tenderloin.  Watch as Chris breaks down the entire muscle to show how to best utilize each section.  From Nolan’s favorite cut, the Filet Mignon all the way to our weeknight go-to favorite, Tender Tips.  The Tenderloin can be versatile for many different meals throughout the week.