Grandparents are ready to hug their grandchildren. Cousins are ready to hang out. Brothers-in-law are ready to compare quarantine war stories. Moms are ready for the kids to ask someone else to play for once.

Let’s face it—every family is looking forward to getting together with their extended family and friends once again. The good news is that here on South Padre Island we are ready for families—and family reunions. Starting in May, we’re offering a wide range of family reunion packages designed to make getting together easy and affordable.

South Padre Island makes lodging easy with everything from hotel rooms to entire homes perfect for a reunion headquarters. There are also great family-friendly activities—from deep-sea fishing and jet skiing to paddleboarding to searching for crabs by flashlight in the evening. To top it off, the Island has remarkable dining experiences available including fine dining, fresh seafood on the beach, and fried favorites with hush puppies and coleslaw.

Check out our website for more information on some special free activities we’re holding with families in mind this year: like our Sea Turtle Art Trail featuring giant sea turtle sculptures scattered around the island, family sandcastle building, kite flying, and so much more.

Start planning for your family and friend gathering. We’ve waited so long, it’s time to set some time aside to get back together.

Visit for planning tools and more.