Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union knows its most essential relationship is the one it shares as a trusted financial partner with more than 900,000 members. It started this way in 1952, when nine servicemen at an Air Force base near San Antonio pooled $5 each and trusted that their $45 in assets could slowly but surely grow economic opportunity for everyone involved.

Now, 68 years later, RBFCU is reaching out to individuals and families from every walk of life to make sure that members’ economic opportunity is protected and their dreams still thrive.

During the uncertainty of 2020, RBFCU extended assistance to members who needed time to work through solutions when their financial well-being was compromised by job loss, disruption of income, or demands at home. RBFCU offered low rates for refinancing mortgages and car purchases, working to save members money and keep them in their homes.

In 1952, RBFCU promised to help people save—time and money. By holding true to the same stand-up basics, RBFCU has become the largest credit union in the Lone Star State.

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