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Beauty flows through Red River summers in an abundance of smiles. In the old days, prospectors moved here in search of vast riches—gold, silver, and copper—and to stake their claim in a better way of life. These mines can still be found scattered through forested mountains and along the many popular hiking and off-roading trails. These historic landmarks remain undisturbed; relics of the past speckled with flecks of metal ore and reflecting a time that once was.

Today, visitors spend time in Red River for enriching experiences, to connect with the outdoors, friends, and families—and enjoy an unpretentious and welcoming community that embraces out-of-towners. Summer visitors love that the town is walkable. The majority of Red River’s many retail stores, hotels, and restaurants are located on Main Street, a mile-long stretch of road that puts its ends within easy reach of each other. Inhale air that is clean and crisp, and filtered through a million-acre pine forest. The delicious summer breeze nudges you from one friendly hello to the next, past local boutiques and restaurants and plenty of places to pick up new memories.

Red River keeps the energy level high for adults and kids. Refueling is important here. Along Main Street you will find coffee shops, ice cream and candy shops, restaurants, and breweries. Red River also has many summer festivals and events such as the Memorial Day Motorcycle Rally, Red River Car Show, Art & Wine Festival, 4th of July Parade & Celebration, 8750’ BBQ & Music Festival, and more.

While good food is one source of energy, Mother Nature is another. Our protected wilderness is unquestionably the main attraction of our town. Red River offers many exhilarating ways to see it. Go on a horseback ride over a mountain pass. Rent an OHV (off-highway vehicle) with the family. Power along a narrow dirt road to a secluded lake. Picnic lakeside, just you and the hungry trout. Have your camera ready. You will see wildlife such as mule deer, elk, brown bear, and bighorn sheep—the town’s other full-time residents.

Day hikes are popular and there are all levels of trails crisscrossing Red River Ski & Summer Area. If you make it to the top, you’ll be rewarded with lunch and a cold beverage on the deck of our mountain lodge, and perhaps some live music to go along with them. Other fun excursions include an outdoor obstacle course, tubing, and go cart racing. All these family-friendly activities can be accessed from Main Street and are designed to create new stories your family will talk about for years.

While Red River is a good place to get the heart rate up, it’s also a good place to unwind. The Red River flows through town and offers many quiet spots to relax. Spend hours unwinding to the soothing sound of water flowing over river stone. Yes, there is fishing and good fishing. Red River is stocked weekly, and trout can be caught from the shore, perfect for children and beginner anglers. Seasoned anglers and fly fishermen can book guided tours to less-pressured, back country waters.

Red River is appealing for a strong sense of self. Over the centuries, the town has never tried to reinvent itself or stray from its mining town roots. As a result, the charm people feel isn’t superficial or commercially developed. Red River doesn’t care about destination one-upmanship. Red River cares about providing families authentic, down-to-earth vacation experiences. Essentially, trips to Red River fill photo albums without breaking the bank. Yes, Red River is a little further down the highway, but the road less traveled is a good thing.  Besides, the road is truly spectacular, and it is just too hard to pass up an adventure that creates deeper connections to loved ones and the world around you.

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