The story of Round Mountain Reserve begins with the land—2,000 acres of uncultivated earth passed down from generation to generation, tucked into the countryside in Blanco County, between Austin and San Antonio. Here, this pristine land becomes the homesite of a new community of families, new stewards to protect and preserve this authentic setting, hewing to the land just as the generations before have held it in trust.

2,000 acres of unspoiled countryside.(Photo Courtesy of Round Mountain Review and Deleigh Hermes)

Good People

Beyond urban city limits, outside the sprawl of noise and light pollution, where the stars begin to reappear, Round Mountain Reserve has planned a community dedicated to stewardship of the land and devoted to sustainable living in the Texas Hill Country. In meticulously planning this community, it is guaranteed this storied land will be conserved for future generations.

This is a community for those who want to get out of the city and create a place that can endure, as the land always has. It’s a way of life that begins and ends with nature, as each day begins and ends for the residents of Round Mountain. This is a place where you can hear birdsong, watch the seasons change, see the wildflowers grow. Cool off in a river. Catch a fish, take a hike, and plan a picnic. There’s no fancy clubhouse. There’s no community pool, parking lot, or gift shop. Round Mountain Reserve is a place where like-minded people can connect with the land.

This 2,000 acre community with access to Round Mountain features miles of trails, greenbelts, and parks. The grounds feature creeks and fishing ponds, bountiful wildlife viewing areas, and a thorough wildlife management plan. While Round Mountain Reserve takes seriously its dedication to nature, it also boasts modern amenities such as high-speed internet and underground utilities and propane. The property is near groceries, hospitals, and parks, and Austin and San Antonio are close enough to visit.

At one with the land and with the wildlife. (Photo Courtesy of Round Mountain Review and Deleigh Hermes)

Good Planning

The Round Mountain Reserve masterplan is dedicated to responsible architecture guidelines to ensure all homesites and dwellings complement the land, not distract from its ample natural beauty. The plan makes sure that while every tract of land enjoys a breathtaking view of unspoiled countryside, each tract is unique, with its own distinct terrain. Each parcel of land is separated by abundant greenspace to preserve wildlife habits and to enhance the privacy of each resident. Still, the thoughtful design incorporates access to community trails and ponds and parks. Even while protecting the seclusion of this beautiful part of the Texas Hill Country, Round Mountain Reserve is a community, uniting its residents in the preservation of the land’s natural gifts.  

Design that ensures homes complement the landscape, not distract from it. (Photo Courtesy of Round Mountain Review)

For the first time in more than 150 years, this special property is open to a new generation of owners. With the design guidelines developed for Round Mountain Reserve, the land will retain its natural integrity while becoming a beautiful homeplace for its new owners.

The vision here is unity, not uniformity. Each home will follow a thoughtful set of guidelines to ensure that the architecture complements, rather than competes with the surroundings. The guidelines ensure that the materials and styles of the homes honor the authentic physicality of the natural terrain while ensuring sustainable building practices to preserve the native conditions of the land. Each home will become a feature of the landscape, in harmony with the natural flora and fauna.

Every aspect of design at Round Mountain Reserve is intentional, from the architecture of the homes to the location of each dwelling on each ranch to the size and shape of individual tracts. The tracts are large, unique, and spread out, but no attention is drawn to where the divisions begin and end. Instead, the boundaries fade and blend into the landscape, resulting in an integrated, organic character to the properties. The unifying design principle is preservation of the land’s natural beauty. By following land and wildlife managing practices, owners support and sustain the strong diversity of plants and animals that also call Round Mountain home.

Design of the land, not on the land. (Courtesy of Round Mountain Reserve)

Round Mountain Reserve offers the rare opportunity to secure some of the most sought after land in the region and to guarantee that homesites will exist in a community that places importance on the value and integrity of this land.

Whether you’re ready to take the next steps or just want to learn more about the Round Mountain Community, please give us a call at (512) 948-3695 or visit us at www.