Developed in 1986 to be one of the three PGA Family Golf Centers in America, the Golf Center of Arlington has switched ownerships three times in three decades but never seemed to take off as a sustainable business until new ownership acquired the 29 acres of land in North Arlington. Husband and wife Mauricio Galante and Larissa Vilela took the chance to transform the property, surrounded by the west fork of the Trinity River, into a new golf concept to attract the leisure public and avid players.

A vast transformation took place 2014 to salvage the 18 climate-controlled golf bays, recoup the abandoned 36-hole miniature golf course, light up the field for night golf, and bring the snack bar back to life. By 2015, the Golf Center of Arlington had already been awarded the Top 50 Stand-Alone Facility in the U.S., and things started to get interesting.

Galante partnered with a Swedish golf tracking technology company to become one of the first facilities to incorporate “Protracer,” which ultimately improved its patrons’ experience. By 2018, the Golf Center of Arlington had all 46 bays (18 indoor mats, ten outdoor mats, and 18 grass tees) equipped with the ball tracking system technology, which was then acquired by Topgolf and rebranded as Toptracer. That same year, the Golf Center of Arlington was once again awarded Top 50 Stand-Alone Facility in the U.S. Today, the technology is spread to over 1,000 locations worldwide in 34 different countries and is telecasted on golf tournaments every weekend.

The Golf Center of Arlington became a hub for avid golfers and the public looking for entertainment. In 2019, Galante hosted the first “Golftoberfest” to start promoting locally-owned craft breweries; his place is now a must-visit for its various craft beers. The miniature golf course attracts Arlington visitors for its exquisite shapes and contours, and thousands of community members can introduce kids and families to the game. The location gained nationwide recognition when Borat Subsequent Moviefilm shot the famous golf lesson scene at its range bays. 

With the facility structures approaching 40 years, the owners decided in 2020 to redevelop the property into something more meaningful to the community. It was time to innovate again and expand the operations into an eco-friendly hotel and golf range. The River Park Golf Resort idea was born, the first of its kind in the U.S.

In 2022, Golf Center of Arlington was recognized by PGA of America magazine as one of five businesses in the country to start a Range Revolution by investing in valued technology and smart marketing strategies. Later that year, the Arlington City Council approved rezoning for the River Park Golf Resort project, and the construction plans started to take shape.

Combining surrounding resources and local amenities for a new guest experience, the River Park Golf Resort will be the ultimate destination for business, leisure, and sporting travelers. It’s a one-of-a-kind concept just two miles away from all the major entertainment venues Arlington offers. It is the perfect nature and sports getaway without being far away.

The River Park Golf Resort will be an outdoor sportsperson’s paradise and a pioneer in eco-friendly hospitality. As the first Nature Preserve Boutique Hotel in DFW, it will feature rooftop solar panels that generate up to 52% of the property’s energy needs. A rainwater harvesting system has been designed for service usage, further reducing the resort’s environmental footprint. The resort will implement the latest technologies to ensure the most sustainable practices, minimizing energy and water consumption. The owners are committed to preserving the surrounding land along the Trinity River and its tributaries, pledging 1% of the resort’s profits to support this cause. With its focus on community engagement, nature-minded educational experiences, and outdoor sports, the River Park Golf Resort will become a popular destination for tourists and residents.

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