Thirty minutes northwest of Fort Worth, The Wild Animal Sanctuary Texas is a local favorite to see and learn about African lions, tigers, bears, wolves, and other animals. As part of the largest carnivore sanctuary in the world, this non-profit rescues captive exotic and endangered large carnivores from horrific exploitative, neglectful, and/or abusive situations. These animals can be found in backyards, basements, garages, barns, and a whole host of other terrible and inappropriate places. Texas alone has approximately 5,500 tigers living in captivity under private hands outside the public zoo system.

Once rescued, these magnificent animals are rehabilitated with exceptional veterinary care, and are provided a forever home within large natural habitats. The Texas facility has more than thirty habitats, ranging in size from 1-5 acres, and is located on forested and open grasslands with pools and seasonal lakes. The 70+ residents include tigers, African lions, black bears, grizzly bears, mountain lions, leopards, cheetahs, wolves, African servals, bobcats, ocelots, coatimundi, and lemurs.

Voices of Freedom – Max, The Wild Animal Sanctuary

Learn more about how you can visit the Texas and Colorado Sanctuary, schedule a guided tour that takes you behind the rescue for each animal, and see why they need your help to survive.

Visit or call 303-536-0118 for more information.