Summer may still be hanging on for dear life in our state, but thanks to pumpkins in the garden, rich flavors on the menu, and plenty of dried florals, Magnolia is offering a glimpse of the fall days ahead in Waco. The grandest display of the season is found inside Magnolia Market, which is covered in larger-than-life floral arrangements, naturally dyed textiles hanging from the ceiling, and scented candles that remind you of everything there is to love about fall.  

These inspiring visual installations—and new collections of products curated by Joanna Gaines—help usher in a new season at Magnolia, and it all begins with an intentional theme in mind. Once chosen, this theme is implemented across the entire company, from the stories in Magnolia Journal to the displays you see inside the shop. 

Photo courtesy of Magnolia Market

The theme Forward Motion, from the 20th issue of Magnolia Journal, inspired Magnolia’s visual display team to create stunning arrangements of dried florals and naturally dyed prints. These design elements not only reflect the fall issue’s cover, but they make for beautiful reminders of the season’s colors, textures, and familiar rhythms. All of these pieces work together to inspire guests to transition their own homes to reflect the season ahead. 

The entrance to the shop features a wall of dried floral arrangements that mimic the way wildflowers grow—beautifully random and natural.  

The wall is covered in a hand-dyed burgundy fabric that ties all of the other displays together through its unique color. That color also provides a beautiful contrast to the wood lettering that mimics this issue’s cover and reads, ‘Embracing the Winding Way Forward’. 

Photo courtesy of Magnolia Market

For this season’s install, the visual display team wanted to try a new technique called eco printing. The result was beautiful, hanging fabrics marked with natural patterns like leaves and flowers. 

To start the process of eco printing, fabric is scoured then mordanted. A mordant is a substance used to treat the fabric in a way that encourages the natural elements (leaves, flowers, etc.) to “bite” onto the fabric and reveal a more vibrant color. 

There are several ways to mordant fabric, but these prints (pictured) were made of cotton cheesecloth mordanted in iron. After trial and error to understand which mordant worked best with each type of leaf, the team landed on eucalyptus leaves. They then soaked the leaves in water for several months. Leaving them in the water for this long allowed the leaves to mold and release tannins, resulting in a sharper and bolder print on the fabric. 

Then, each leaf was intentionally placed on the fabric and rolled tightly into a wooden dowel and tied with cotton string to create a bundle. The bundles were placed into a steam bath for an hour where the tannins and mordant reacted with the wet steam and imprinted the fabric.  

In the front window, sunlight filters through a series of eco-printed fabrics and reveals the shape of pecan leaves. These prints were hand-dyed by the team and hung at various lengths from copper pipes. 

Photo courtesy of Magnolia Market

For the display above the kitchen island, silk chiffon was mordanted with ferrous sulfate and eco-printed with various varieties of flower stems. The prints (48 total!) were dyed and sewn together to hang from copper pipes. 

Magnolia’s visual team has created many floral arrangements over the years, but this is by far one of the largest! The intention for this piece was for rich, deep colors, and textures to come together and create a resplendent, cloud-like display. 

These are just a few of the intentional details you’ll experience as you explore the market and the grounds. So if you’re craving the feeling of fall, head to Magnolia in Waco and see what’s new! Start planning your visit here