A series of movie-style trailers and short film clips released worldwide will provide never-before-seen insights into the history, facilities, and operational aspects of one of the greatest, private ranches in the Southern Plains region of Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma. 

Dubbed the “Prize of the Panhandle,” the mega spread Turkey Track Ranch of approximately 80,000 acres has been owned and operated by the same family for some 120 years. It’s now slated to hit the global marketplace September – October ’21.  

Icon Global, tasked with taking the property to the international marketplace, is releasing a sequential series of movie style trailers and short clips in the lead up to the launch date and reveal of the main feature. Today’s preview trailer release is the first of several to come.  

The Turkey Track Ranch Trailer provides partial interviews of presidential appointed Texas state photographer, Wyman Meinzer, as well as renowned west Texas cattle operators Jay O’Brien and Dale Smith.   

The collaboration between Icon Global and film production company, Running Iron Productions, is both new and groundbreaking. 

Icon founder, Bernard Uechtritz, said – “Ranches have never been marketed this way before. This initiative is as unique as the ranch itself, and as such, appropriate. This property is by far and away the most productive and unique of its kind and class – its history, unparalleled. The importance of storytelling dramatically and visually in a cinematic approach with big screen and big sound is critical in conveying the qualities and place in history of this ranch and deservedly so. It’s a worthy tribute to generations of the pioneering family, the great state of Texas, and in fact, American History.”

Ty MacCarty and Robert Jornayvaz are co-owners, producers, and directors of Running Iron Productions. After producing fast-paced international Polo matches, short films, and commercials for Nissan and National Geographic, the duo have now teamed up with Icon Global to work in the ranch and real estate space.  

Photos by Wyman Meinzer

About Turkey Track Ranch

W.T. (Tom) Coble and later James (Jimmie) A. Whittenburg III, were two of the initial stewards. Each was a past president of The Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association, and widely considered to be visionaries as well as community and business leaders.

Tom Coble was a contemporary of Dan and Tom Waggoner of the Waggoner Ranch, Samuel “Burk” Burnett of the Four Sixes Ranch, and Charles Goodnight of the JA and Goodnight Ranch. Coble recognized the infinite resources of the Southern Great Plains. Like Waggoner, Burnett, and Goodnight, he created a cattle kingdom that was sustained by thousands of acres of grass. 

Later, Whittenburg was the larger-than-life “Texas Icon” and entrepreneurial modern-day rancher who led the management of the Turkey Track for several decades. An early trendsetter of flying between properties and business interests, he operated several significant ranching interests in Texas and New Mexico, along with other business interests which included Aviation, Oil & Gas, Banking, and Cattle Feed Yards. He was also notably, a Special Texas Ranger. 

Photos by Wyman Meinzer

A winner of the Cattlemen’s Beef Association Environmental Stewardship award in 2016, the Turkey Track is also held in high esteem by the industry. Pete Bonds, then president of the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association, said, “Turkey Track has an outstanding record for their environmental stewardship practices, water management programs and excellent grass diversity.” 

The property is also the site of the two famed battles of the Adobe Walls of 1864 and 1874, and this hallowed ground — just north of the Canadian River — is revered by descendants of all combatants. In June of 1924, a six-acre site was given to the Panhandle Plains Historical Society commemorating that month the 50th anniversary of the second battle of the Adobe Walls. In 1941 a monument dedicated to the Native Americans who fought and died in the Battle of 1874 was also erected. Both monuments are within the ranch today.

For more information about Turkey Track Ranch, visit www.icon.global/turkey-track-ranch.