The New York Times calls St. John’s College in Santa Fe the “most contrarian college in America.” Our campus has no football stadiums. The only Greek on our campus is found in the ancient texts of Plato. Here, students gather in small classes with two faculty members and 18 students, where they read and discuss more than 200 of the West’s most foundational texts across literature, philosophy, math, science, astronomy, music, and more.

St. John’s College provides a unique education for the intellectually curious.

This education is a four-year journey through 3,000 years of human thought, which together form the intellectual foundation for democracy. If your student seeks a deep education, vibrant but civil conversation, and a real community of thinkers and friends, St. John’s is the perfect choice. Visit our Santa Fe campus and see why Forbes calls St. John’s College “the most rigorous college in America” and why Quartz calls us the “most forward-thinking, future-proof college in America.” Learn more at   

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