What better way to spend summer than to take a family road trip (or couples) through the Navajo Nation? Visit to learn about our culture, food, purchase arts & crafts and turquoise jewelry directly from the artist/silversmith.

If you want to start off on a cultural tour, visit the Explore Navajo Interactive Museum in Tuba City, AZ. This one-of-a-kind museum contains all you need to know about Navajo culture, history, and information to navigate the reservation. Next door is the Navajo Code Talkers Museum, the historic Tuba City Trading Post and if you’re parched or need a caffeine boost, the Hogan Espresso is a few steps away.

Photo courtesy of Navajo Tourism Dept.Photo Credit: Chelsea Black / Stay Grounded, LLC.

Next is the Dinosaur Tracks on US Highway 160. Stop by to view the many fossilized three-toed dinosaur tracks from the Jurassic period. There will be some local guides that will show you around. Tips are appreciated.

If the family is tuckered out, consider spending a night at the Navajoland Hotel. Then have dinner at the Hogan Restaurant to sample the delicious Navajo Taco and many other dishes on the menu!

After breakfast, travel northward on Highway 89 to Antelope Canyon. This world renown location is a must-see! Book a tour with a Navajo-owned and operated tour business, such as Adventurous Antelope Canyon Tours, Ken’s Tour’s, Antelope Canyon Navajo Tours, and many more! There are 2 sections of Antelope Canyon, upper and lower. A quick tip, the world known “Lady in the Wind” is located in the lower Antelope Canyon.

Photo courtesy of Navajo Tourism Dept.

There is also the Antelope Point Marina nearby, book a boat tour to take a trip along Lake Powell. Come back to the marina for lunch or dinner.

If you’re wanting a great cup of iced or hot coffee, americano, tea or flavored energy fusion drink, stop by the Stay Grounded, LLC coffee truck that is usually parked near the community of LeChee on Indian Route 20, approx. 2 miles south of the intersection of State Route 98 and Indian Route 20. This area is known to locals as the Mutton Curve. You can follow the Stay Grounded truck on Instagram @caffeine_turtle to get the latest updates on their hours, location and drinks.

Photo courtesy of Navajo Tourism Dept.

Depending on your schedule, consider staying at the Quality Inn in Page, AZ for the night or drive northward to Kayenta, AZ. Along the way, there is the Navajo National Monument in near Shonto, AZ. There are 3 trail systems that are self-guided, leading the way to view the ancestral Puebloan ruins, called the Betatakin Cliff Dwellings at the bottom of the canyon. Entry to this park is free and open year-round.

There is a hotel located within the Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, called The View. You can book a stay within the hotel, camp out, or rent small cabin. And take a tour with a Navajo-owned tour business, like the Monument Valley Tours, Tinhorn Tours, Sacred Monument Tours, Blackwater Tours, and many others.

Photo courtesy of Navajo Tourism Dept.

After visiting the Monument Valley, there is the Four Corners Monument Navajo Tribal Park that is an hour and a half drive away. Take photos of the family standing in all 4 states at once! The states of Arizona, Colorado, Utah and New Mexico are at this monument. Entry is $8 per person and credit card payments only. Another tip, the National Park Passes are not accepted at all Navajo Tribal owned parks.   

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*Disclaimer: The Navajo Nation currently has a MASK MANDATE for all public areas.

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