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How passionate are you about the flavors of fall? Do you count down to the first day pumpkin spice lattes hit the coffee shops? Have you already cooked a test turkey or two to ensure your Turkey Day skills are on point? Maybe you’re a more casual fall-flavor foodie, leaving the seasonal selections for special occasions. Perhaps you’ve just got a sweet tooth and love what cinnamon and nutmeg can do to a dessert.

Whether you like fall flavors as much as the next person or you look forward to pumpkin decorations all year long, H-E-B has you covered with a bevy of flavors to bring in the harvest season.

Swoon by H-E-B Raspberry Danish Ice Cream – Level 1 Fall Flavor Fanatic

Even those who long to hibernate through the cooler months and dream of a Texas summer from the first early sunset will be clamoring for this sweet cream cheese ice cream. Thick, tart raspberry swirls and chewy pieces of Danish pastry dapple this ice cream to make the texture as delightful as the taste of this limited-edition variety. Swoon by H-E-B Raspberry Danish Ice Cream only appears in select stores, so you may have to hunt for this gem of a dessert.

Swoon Raspberry Danish Bread Ice Cream
H-E-B Pumpking Donut Holes

H-E-B Bakery Pumpkin Donut Holes – Level 2 Fall Flavor Fanatic

Everyone loves a donut with their coffee break, and if the donuts have some pumpkin fall flavor, you’re not complaining. These donuts are as tasty as every H-E-B Bakery donut, with the added bonus of pumpkin spice. Rolled in a sweet sugar glaze, these delectable, moist morsels are the perfect addition for a holiday party or just to liven up a nice fall day. Pumpkin donut holes are only available in select stores, so keep your eyes peeled!

*Please Note: This limited time offer item is no longer available in stores.  

H-E-B Meal Simple Spiced Autumn Bisque –  Level 3 Fall Flavor Fanatic

Day in, day out, you’ve gotta eat lunch—and after all, variety is the spice of life. It’s nice to have delicious seasonal selections from H-E-B to keep those lunchtimes fresh and exciting. Homemade soup is hard work and creates a lot of dishes to clean. The H-E-B team has done all the work for you so that you can have that homemade feel with convenience. A creamy delight with Neufchatel cheese and cream, this bisque takes on those fall flavors with pumpkin, sweet potatoes, brown sugar, and seasonal spices. Even better, it can be microwaved in the cup it comes in, so it’s great to bring to the office on those chilly autumn mornings.

Product photo of H-E-B spiced Autumn bisque.
Product photo of H-E-B trail mix spiced apple cider.

H-E-B Spiced Apple Cider Trail Mix – Level 4 Fall Flavor Fanatic

Trail Mix is one of the most beloved snacks there is, there’s no question about it. However, when you start planning ahead for when the seasonal salty snacks hit the shelves, you’re becoming quite the Fall Flavor Fanatic. This blend features cinnamon yogurt pretzel balls, apple flavored pecans, dried sweetened cranberries, and yogurt flavored drops. Can you hear the leaves crunching? Can you smell the bonfires in the distance? This Spiced Apple Cider Trail Mix ushers in all the sensations of fall.

H-E-B Bakery Gourmet Scratch Pumpkin Cream Cheese Pie – Level 5 Fall Flavor Fanatic

Pumpkin pie is the king of the seasonal pies—we dare you to come up with a more iconic fall-flavored dessert. Heck, the entire season’s flavor profile is pumpkin spice, which originated in—you guessed it—pumpkin pie! This pie is made from scratch in the H-E-B Bakery with a beautiful cream cheese swirl. The creamy swirl of this showstopper will impress all your guests this holiday season. Leave dessert duty to the H-E-B bakery, and feel that holiday stress slip away.

Product photo of H-E-B cranberry sauce with orange.

H-E-B Fresh Cranberry Sauce with Orange – Level 6 Fall Flavor Fanatic

If you ask a casual Fall Flavor Fanatic what their favorite taste of the season is, perhaps they’ll say stuffing, or green bean casserole. These are great dishes of course, but a real Thanksgiving-head knows that cranberry sauce is the item that no holiday spread can be without. The geniuses at H-E-B have developed this refreshing twist on the holiday classic with “homemade cranberry” lovers in mind. This sauce has a beautiful texture and a hint of orange juice. It’s perfect as a garnish, as an appetizer ingredient, or as a standalone side.

H-E-B Lumberjack Bacon – Level 7 Fall Flavor Fanatic

If you’re not already a level 7 Fall Flavor Fanatic, this Bacon will take you there. Bacon may be the greatest food to ever grace a breakfast plate. If you’re a Level 7 Fall Flavor Fanatic, you look at that perfect pork creation and say, I think we can do better. And do better the H-E-B team did. This maple-flavored bacon is seasoned with black pepper, creating a delectable sweet-heat flavor combination. H-E-B Lumberjack Bacon is only available during the holiday season, so grab it while you can. It’s also cut extra thick, making those seasonal flavors extra satisfying.  

Product photo of H-E-B Lumberjack bacon.

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