The pandemic brought on a wave of tough times and financial challenges all over the state, leaving people scrambling to meet their everyday needs and causing businesses to face unexpected hardships. Over the last few months, both people and businesses have looked to banks throughout the state for resources and assistance to get through these challenging times, and Texas bankers have come together to respond.

Frost employees alone helped more than 19,000 small businesses secure $3.2 billion in emergency loan approvals, and the state’s entire banking community came to the aid of so many more, allowing small businesses in Texas to continue running and keep their workers employed. Texas bankers have remained on call since the pandemic began, helping their customers endure financial challenges during the increasing economic uncertainty. When businesses needed assistance with navigating Paycheck Protection Program loan applications from the government, bankers across the state provided personnel with expertise to ensure that customers could secure the funds they needed. As the PPP loan forgiveness process begins, Frost and all Texas banks will remain just as committed to helping our customers navigate the complex process of forgiveness. We’ve already completed reviewing more than 1,000 forgiveness applications.


By reacting quickly, bankers across the state are helping keep Texas communities afloat. At Frost, employees from areas all over the bank redeployed to process as many emergency loan applications as quickly as possible to help customers get the funds they needed. Ultimately, Frost was able to process more than a year’s worth of loans in just over a week, contributing to the multitude of loans Texas banks across the state have processed since the start of the pandemic. That level of commitment will remain steady until the last PPP loan forgiveness application is processed.

Providing these services helped people manage their finances, protect their futures, and keep focused on the safety of their families and communities. In a time where a little unity goes a long way, we celebrate the entire banking community for a job well done.

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