Moving into the holiday season looks a little different this year. A global pandemic mirroring the start of flu season is enough to make anyone a bit wary. Great health is the best gift you can give or receive this year, and exploring your health and wellness options with Ways2Well can make holiday and family gathering decisions a lot easier. Experts from Ways2Well share a few suggestions on how to safely enjoy your holiday season and get and keep your health on track.

Don’t let the stress of #2020 or the holidays get to you.

Stress can be very unhealthy and lead to poor sleep habits, binge eating or drinking, anxiety, depression, mental fog and an inability to stay on track with health or personal goals. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep, staying hydrated and have your wellness check with​ Ways2Well​ so you know if there are health issues to watch out for during the holidays. Make time for physical activity and fresh air at least three times a week to keep your blood pumping, and don’t let that crazy aunt or distant cousin get to you. Use social distancing to your advantage and have your wellness visits and awkward family time virtually from the comfort of your own couch. On the bright side – no one will know if you dusted every inch of your house. Less stress, healthier you!

Take time to celebrate.

It’s been a strange year, and we are all still figuring it out. But don’t cancel the annual gingerbread house contest; just make sure your ​immune system​ is in fighting shape. A healthy immune system is the body’s best defense to illness, so make sure you’re getting the right amount of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that keep you at optimum health and feeling like yourself. A perk of immune health? All the energy you’ll have to decorate your tree with the family!

Romantic Connection is important for your health too!

All too often a major health contributor goes by the wayside due to life, stress, holidays, kids…you name it. But it’s important to connect with your partner. Studies show that connecting with your loved one in the bedroom can reduce your risk for heart disease and osteoporosis! Finding it hard to get in the mood despite mistletoe and glad tidings? Ways2Well has ​solutions​ to keep things nice and warm with your spouse, all year long. It’s the doctor’s orders!

Make your health a priority for the New Year.

Having health goals and focusing on wellness are just as important as personal and financial goals that we set at the start of each year. ​Not feeling like yourself?​Not looking the way you’d like​? Make assessing your overall wellness a priority to stop the onset of chronic conditions like weight gain, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, chronic fatigue, and more. Telehealth and virtual solutions like Ways2Well make getting out of the holiday slump easy, convenient, and accessible from anywhere there’s a wifi signal. A virtual visit with a Ways2Well provider can help determine if your hormones are where they should be and your immune system needs a boost; in addition to helping you choose the right course of action for stubborn weight gain, vitamin deficiencies, sleep issues and sexual health. ​Start the new year ​with a strong health plan so you can focus on those 2021 goals!