Spread across 2,000 acres of unspoiled countryside, Round Mountain Reserve offers a limited number of homesites on a historic ranch with millions of years of ancient history and five generations of family heritage.

Good Planning

Our community is founded on stewardship and built with sustainable practices. Every detail of our masterplan has been thoughtfully crafted to protect this beautiful land. With only a handful of homesites available, we will always be closer to nature than our neighbors. The boundaries between us are dissolved through a network of trails and parks that connect every property, and the authentic setting is preserved through responsible architecture that honors the natural environment. In this Hill Country haven, residents can experience nature like never before.

(Photo Courtesy of Round Mountain Reserve and Deleigh Hermes)

Good Land

Round Mountain Reserve is surrounded by the iconic, rolling hills of the Edwards Plateau. This majestic landscape spans woodland glades, wildflower fields, twisting rivers, and rocky canyons. Here, the skies are big, the stars are bright, and the views are grand.

The land is a natural sanctuary for many native plants and animals. This pristine place is protected through diligent land planning, wildlife management, and conservation partnerships. The ranches are built around the foot of the mountain and the roads are designed around the old oak and cedar trees. This thoughtful design ensures large open spaces preserving views and ensuring wildlife corridors. With our stewardship, the land will keep thriving for generations.

(Photo Courtesy of Round Mountain Reserve and Deleigh Hermes)

Good People

The Texas Hill Country is one of the most beloved regions in the state. This beautiful land has been cherished by those who rode horseback and hunted buffalo to those who raised livestock and built log cabins.

In the 1850’s, Edward Ebeling immigrated to America. For more than 150 years, the Ebeling family has proudly stewarded the land where he staked his original claim. These deep roots in Texas Hill Country are a tribute to this long heritage.

The unique character and culture of this storied place has been shaped by a remarkable series of natural and human events. Buried deep in this hilly region are thousands of clues about the past, with a rich fossil record many millions of years old.

(Photo Courtesy of Round Mountain Reserve and Deleigh Hermes)

Good Life

Gaze at the stars, listen for owls, dip into the river, hike the trails, hunt for fossils, admire the wildflowers, fish the ponds, observe the wildlife, picnic on the mountain—there are boundless ways to experience nature in this special place. There are no club houses, community pools, or snackbars here. Our way of life is tied to the land. Round Mountain Reserve is a gateway to the natural world.

Good Location

Set against the scenic backdrop of Blanco County in the Texas Hill Country, this charming area is a celebrated wine region and popular outdoors destination. With easy access to Austin, Fredericksburg, and San Antonio, the community is a short drive from several vibrant cities. The Horseshoe Bay Resort is a stone’s throw away on Lake LBJ and offers a luxurious array of amenities.

(Photo Courtesy of Round Mountain Reserve and Deleigh Hermes)

Good Design

At Round Mountain Reserve, the homes are a natural extension of the environment. The designs follow a thoughtful set of guidelines to ensure the plans complement rather than compete with the surroundings. The architecture is unified but never uniform. Timeless craftmanship honors the authentic materials of the area and elevates the quality of life, and sustainable building practices preserve the native conditions of each property. Every home is in complete harmony with the land.

(Photo Courtesy of Round Mountain Reserve and Deleigh Hermes)(Photo Courtesy of Round Mountain Reserve)

Natural Living in Texas Hill Country

Millions of years of ancient history and five generations of family heritage precede the majestic land of Round Mountain Reserve. Two thousand acres of abundant, untamed beauty steer the storied vision of the preservation of this land where community, conservation, and connection create a home that will endure as this land has endured for countless years.

(Photo Courtesy of Round Mountain Reserve and Deleigh Hermes)

Whether you’re ready to take the next steps or just want to learn more about the Round Mountain Community, please give us a call at (512) 948 – 3695 or visit us at www. roundmountainreserve.com