BBQ experts often tell you to cook brisket low and slow, but we often don’t have time for the slow part especially during the busy holiday season. Enter “The Lazy Man’s Faux Vide” or as Texas Monthly BBQ Editor, Daniel Vaughn, likes to call it “the redneck version of a Sous Vide”.

With his YETI cooler in tow, Daniel, takes us to Smokey Joe’s BBQ in Dallas, Texas to pick up a brisket to execute his Faux Vide. As you will see in the video, it’s pretty simple.


All you need is a YETI cooler (we recommend the Tundra Hard Cooler) and a pre-packaged brisket from your local BBQ joint. Just place the packaged brisket in your cooler, add 3 gallons of hot water, and let it sit for roughly 3 hours. Before reheating the brisket in your cooler, make sure it’s not frozen. The brisket should be chilled. Note, this is not a way to cook a raw brisket. This method is used for simply reheating a brisket.

Make sure your cooler is shut tight while transferring the brisket from the BBQ joint to your home.From there, just sit back and relax while the hot water and your YETI cooler do all the work. Once you take it out of the cooler and out of its packaging, we suggest checking the temperature with your meat thermometer. The preferred internal temperature is 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Now, all you have to do is enjoy. Slice up the brisket and pair with your favorite BBQ side and beverage. Enjoy with friends or family on the back patio with a cold beer or glass of whiskey in hand. It’s that easy y’all. Enjoy!